Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Life - Week 12

Drew started the week with a swim test.  He is starting swimming lessons this month, and he had to go take a little test to determine which class he should sign up for.  He and his buddy, Joseph, took the test together.
 The teacher had them try to put their faces in the water.
 The guys decided to rest after their test.
 We took the boys out for dinner at McDonald's after their swim test.  Jim had stayed home with Maddie, so it was a fun little moms and boys dinner.  The boys played for a while in the play area after they ate, and the moms sat and talked.  It was nice to have a little evening out.
When we got home, we filled out our NCAA tournament brackets.  Jim, Drew, and I are competing against each other this year.  Drew chose his teams based on their mascots, and Jim and I tried to choose by actual basketball knowledge (though mine is pretty limited).  Drew is winning so far!  The winner gets to pick the restaurant for a family dinner after the tournament, and if Drew ends up winning, he says that we will be going to McDonalds.  :)
 Maddie still takes a morning nap several mornings a week.  Sometimes, I have to go in and wake her up so we can get over to Drew's school in time to pick him up.  I found her like this one morning and thought she looked so cute!
 Maddie likes to walk around the house with Wii controllers, just like Drew.  She drags her controllers through the house several times each day, and Jim and I think it is funny that she knows how to hold them properly.
 She is so funny!
 I decided to let Drew and Maddie take a bath together for the first time this week.  Maddie is still a little wobbly in the tub, so it was an interesting experience, but it was nice to save a little time by bathing them together.  I let them play together for a few minutes and then washed Maddie and got her out.  I let Drew play for a while longer on his own while I got Maddie into her jammies.
 Drew's birthday party was Saturday morning, and we all came home tired after the party.  Jim and I both fell asleep while the kids were napping that afternoon!  Jim came in and woke me up at 3:30 to tell me that some friends had just called to see if we wanted to go out that evening for dinner and then a concert by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  We scrambled to get ourselves and the children ready, drop the kids off with Jim's mom, and meet our friends by 5:00.  We had dinner at a fancy steakhouse (our friends had gift cards from a client that they shared with us), and then we drove downtown for the concert.
The Concert was called, "Mancini at the Movies."  The orchestra played songs by Henry Mancini, and Mancini's daughter sang some of the songs along with the orchestra.  My parents liked Mancini music when I was growing up, and the songs were almost all familiar to me.  We seemed to be some of the youngest audience members, and we were amused by some of the people around us as they oohed and awed over Monica Mancini's stories and hummed and sang along with the music.
Here is what I did for Project Life this week.
I made my main page with a Design A page protector, and kept things pretty simple with my photos.  I wanted to include the concert ticket, so I combined the ticket, the program photo, and a strip of patterned paper on a 4x6 sheet at the bottom.
 I had a few extra swim test photos that I wanted to include, so I cut a 4x6 section from a Design A page, and sewed it onto the right edge (right along the perforated line).  The extra photos are inserted in the extra sleeve, and it just flips open, like another page.  Here you can see it flipped over, and you can see the extra photos.
 I also made an insert about Drew's friend birthday party.  I used a Design H page protector.
 Here is my layout with the insert flipped.
 This is the front of the birthday party insert,
 and this is the back.
I am linking up again at The Mom Creative.
I hope you all had a great Easter!  We did, and I am planning to post about it later this week.

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