Friday, March 29, 2013

Drew's Friend Birthday Party

Drew has never had a birthday party with friends before this year.  We had wanted to do one last year when he turned five, but we had a three week-old baby at the time, and it didn't seem like a great idea.  We decided to have a friend party for Drew this year instead.  The party was originally scheduled for his actual birthday, but we had to reschedule when he got sick the afternoon before his party was supposed to happen.  We rescheduled for this past Saturday, and we were thrilled that the birthday boy stayed healthy this time, and we were able to have the party as planned.  We invited five friends - two sets of brothers and another boy, and the six of them had lots of fun.
Since March is usually still pretty cold here in Michigan, we had to do an indoor party, and since our house is small, we didn't think we should try to do the party here.  We decided to go ahead and do the party at a big field house in our town.  They have lots of activities to pick from, and all the activities are indoors.  It ended up being a very easy party to plan - hardly any prep - just show up, pay, and play!
We started the party with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.  We got a big box of Munchkins and a bunch of milks.  The boys ate through almost 50 Munchkins!
 Donuts were the perfect choice for these guys!
 Maddie sat with my BFF, Kristen, whose two boys were at the party.
 Maddie loves donuts, and she helped the boys by eating three of the Munchkins.
 The boys finished up their breakfast,
 and then Drew opened his gifts.
 He loved everything he got, and the other boys were very interested in all his gifts!
 After he opened his gifts, Drew passed out treat bags for all the boys, and they opened them up.  We gave them each an Angry Birds coloring book, some Angry Birds stickers, a Matchbox car, a Rice Krispie treat, and a little pack of Skittles.  I have been using coupons and gathering things for the treat bags for the past several months.
 We finished up at Dunkin Donuts and then packed up all the boys to drive right up the street to the field house, where the rest of the party was going to take place.  We started with putt putt.  I had secretly been dreading this part of the party, because whenever we have taken Drew putt putting, it has taken forever.  The boys raced through this little course and were done in about 15 minutes!
 Good form and rule-following were not part of their game at all, but they enjoyed themselves!
 Maddie played with an extra ball.  She stayed in her stroller the whole time and was a very good girl!
 We were supposed to do slot car racing after we putt putted, but the track was broken, so we did laser tag instead.  They got their gear
 and went in to play.  Jim said that they did pretty well and actually shot each other some.  They enjoyed laser tag too.
 They each got a few tokens to use in the arcade, so they finished by playing air hockey
 and a few other arcade games.
Drew loved his party, and we were glad that we were finally able to have a friend party for him!

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