Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life - Week 9

To start Week 9, the boys went to church, and Maddie and I stayed home.  I was feeling pretty bad because of a cold/sinus pain, and I decided to just stay home.  After morning church, Jim and Drew stopped at the fruit market, and they came home with several kinds of fruit.  
We had pancakes for lunch that day.  Jim and Maddie ate plain pancakes, and Drew had chocolate chip pancakes.  I made some blueberry pancakes for myself, and Jim and I decided to make a few blackberry pancakes too.  The blackberry pancakes were very good!
 Maddie had her 12 month well-visit at the pediatrician's office on Tuesday.  She weighs just over 20 pounds, is right around the 50th percentile in every category, and is very healthy.  She had to get 4 shots and a toe prick, so the visit ended on kind of a sad note.  She cheered up after I gave her a few puffs to eat, and overall, the visit was a pretty good one.
 Maddie is allowed to eat pretty much everything now that she is one (except the obvious choking hazard foods), and she and Drew have been eating similar lunches most days now.  They both love peanut butter toast and cheese, and they have this combination, along with some kind of fruit or veggie several days each week.

 Maddie also gets to drink whole milk now, and she is enjoying it.  She is getting much better at using her sippy cups.
 Our TCBY does Waffle Cone Wednesday, with $1.50 waffle cones, and we stopped there after church on Wednesday evening.  Since it was almost bedtime, we opted to eat our cones in the car as we drove home, and Drew got covered in melted frozen yogurt!  What a mess, but he enjoyed it!
 We had another mess (and a second washing of his coat in one week) because of a bloody nose on the way home from school on Friday.  I turned around to tell him something at a red light and saw his face covered with blood!  I found him a tissue, and his nose pretty much stopped bleeding by the time we got home.  I took a "covered up" photo of this event.  He looked pretty rough under that tissue!
 Maddie and I try to run most of our errands in the mornings while Drew is at school.  It is easier to shop with just one child!  She was being silly as I was getting ready to load her back into the van, and I snapped a quick picture.
 A friend told me about a local children's resale shop where she has sold some of her kids' clothes, and in our recent spirit of cleaning out, I took some clothes there on their open selling day.  Maddie and I dropped off a bin of clothes one morning, and we stopped back after we picked Drew up from school to see what they had decided to buy.  They bought most of what I had brought, and they asked if I had any other Spring and Summer clothes I wanted to get rid of.  I guess they struggle to get boy clothing that is in good shape. I went back with another bin on Saturday, and they bought all but two of those items.  I ended up making quite a bit of money there this week, and I got rid of two more bins of clothes (some were leftovers that didn't sell at the Mom to Mom sale).  I am planning to keep selling to them as we continue to clean out.
Drew loved the swing at the front of the resale shop.
 Friday was Dr. Seuss day at school.  I went to the thrift store to look for some kind of costume for Drew and found this Grinch shirt.  It wouldn't have been my first choice, but it was the only Dr. Seuss thing I saw, and it was $1.50.  Sold!  He ended up getting into character that morning - look at that mean face!
Here is this week's Project Life layout, along with last week's layout, as they will look side by side in my still unpurchased album.
 Here is this week's layout on its own.  I kept things very simple this week with a bunch of 3x4 inch photos.
I am linking up with The Mom Creative.
Later this week, I am planning to post about Drew's family birthday party.  I hope you all have a great week!


packmom said...

Your kids are so cute. Looks like they know how to have fun!

Cerise Wade said...

Yum...blackberry pancakes sound wonderful. My husband bought a surplus of blackberries this week. I may have to put them to good use.
I was so happy when my two started eating similar meals, really makes it a lot easier.
Beautiful layouts!