Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project Life - Week 39

I took this first picture during church on Sunday night - I just couldn't resist!  Drew comes to the "big service" with us on Sunday evenings, and he has gotten very good about sitting quietly and behaving himself.
 The guys had dental check-ups Monday afternoon.
 Drew did a great job - no cavities!
 I had gone to the dentist the week before the boys did, and I guess Maddie was feeling left out, so she decided to chip her front teeth and get her own visit to the dentist on Tuesday!  She fell in the nursery at church on Sunday night, and when we picked her up, the workers told us that she had fallen and that she had cried and bled a little.  We saw the cut on her chin, but she wouldn't let us peek in her mouth.  We assumed that the bleeding was from her chin didn't really think too much more about it until later in the day on Monday when I caught a glimpse of her top teeth.  I felt horrible that I hadn't noticed them sooner!  I called the dentist's office first thing Tuesday morning and was able to get her in late that morning.  The dentist said that the chipping wasn't bad enough to require any filing or anything, and he told me what to watch for in case of infection.  Maddie is our fearless child, and I'm sure this is just the first of many medical visits we will make for her various injuries!
 We got out Drew's old Elmo this week, and Maddie loved him!
 I found these two napping on the couch one afternoon!
 Drew had Apple Day at school on Friday.
 Jim brought Drew home from school that day, and this was the first view I had of him - with his upside-down Johnny Appleseed hat and his craft.
 Maddie had to try on the hat too.
 Jim has been taking the kids out to play in the yard after dinner some evenings, and they have been loving that time with him.

 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I got all crazy and did two photo collages!  :)
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project Life - Week 38

We started this week with some cooking!  I did a catering job for Jim on Sunday, and then we took dinner to some friends with a new baby on Monday.  I blogged about this cute onesie that I made for them here.
 I made a delicious blackberry pie for our family this week too!
 Krispy Kreme did their annual "Talk Like a Pirate Day."  We went last year, and Drew has been looking forward to doing it again all year.  We went with some friends - here are the crazy pirates!
 Drew was fascinated by the pirate donuts!
 Each pirate got a free dozen of donuts to take home.
 Drew loved it!
 Sibling snuggles.
 I had a birthday this week!  I had a lovely day, and my favorite part was going to the Cheesecake Factory with Jim for dinner.  We just got a new Cheesecake Factory about 30 minutes from us, and this was our first visit.  I ended up bringing my cheesecake home with me.  Delicious!
 Our street got partially repaved this week.  They ripped up sections all along the street and then poured new cement.  There were trucks and construction barrels all along our street.  Our driveway wasn't blocked, but there were times that we couldn't get to our house because of all the trucks and equipment.  We are glad to have a smooth, new street now, but it was a bit crazy while the work was going on.
 Drew took his very first Spelling test this week, and he got an A+!  He is doing great in first grade!
 Here's what I did with Project Life this week.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Life - Week 37

This was another fun and busy week for us!  
I let Maddie feed herself a pudding cup, and she was covered in pudding!
 We ordered Maddie a new "big girl" car seat, and it arrived this week.  We took it out for a little drive the evening we installed it, and when Maddie heard us say that she was "so big" in her new seat, she had to do the "so big" motions with her arms.
 She seems to really like her new seat, and she falls asleep in it often.
 Maddie and I went to our favorite thrift store one morning while Drew was at school, and we found Drew a Robin costume.  I wasn't sure if he would want it (now that he is old enough to have strong opinions about these things), so I took him back after school so he could see it.  We were excited to find that it was still there!  Drew tried it on and loved it, so it came home with us.
 Drew wore his costume while he did his homework that evening.
 He can't wait for Halloween!
 Drew and Maddie don't always get along, but when they do, it is just so sweet!  I caught them like this one morning.  Maddie sometimes climbs up into Drew's lap, and he holds her.
 I love it!
 Jim hired me to cater the lunch for a big tournament at his course this weekend, so we had a lot of shopping and cooking to do at the end of this week.  I made two kinds of pasta and a salad.
 I am not a caterer, so this was a big job for me!  I cooked all the pasta the day before the tournament, and then I reheated it the next day.  I was a little nervous about getting it all done, keeping it hot, and transporting it all to the course on time, but it all worked out pretty well.  I was so thankful!
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Project Life - Week 36

We had a fun week this week!  Jim and Drew got out the Nerf guns for the first time in a long time this week, and they had a big battle in the living room.
It is always entertaining to watch them fight!
 Drew had Labor Day off from school, and Jim's mom came over for dinner that evening.  After dinner, the guys washed her car for her.
 Drew and Maddie got into the bubbles, and they were a mess!

 They had so much fun!
 Drew has had homework almost every evening, and he decided to be Mario one evening as he did his homework paper.
 Every time we go anywhere in our van, Maddie pulls off her socks, shoes, and hair bow.  You can see the little pile on the floor beside her seat.
 Our neighbor gave us a big zucchini from his garden, and I used some of it to make zucchini bread.  Maddie (and the whole family, really) loved it!
 After Maddie's bath on Saturday evening, I painted her toenails.
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Life - Week 35

This week was a busy week for us.  It started with church on Sunday morning, and while I was getting ready for church in the bathroom, Maddie climbed up on the toilet with George to read a book.
 Our Sunday School class was in charge of bringing breakfast before Sunday School that morning, and Drew and Maddie enjoyed eating their donuts in the gym before going to their classes.

Drew started first grade this week.  I blogged about it a few weeks ago and shared pictures here.
Both Maddie and Drew had well-visits at the doctor this week.  Maddie's was on Tuesday morning.
 Drew's was Thursday afternoon after school.  They are both healthy and doing great!
 As we walked into the house after Maddie's well-visit, she threw up all over herself, the floor, and me!  We both had to take baths, and I had to clean the landing right inside our back door.  Maddie had a little bit of a fever that day but didn't throw up any more.  We stayed in for the rest of that day and the next day, and Maddie was doing better by Thursday.
 She was a little bit more sleepy and cuddly than normal those couple of days, so we enjoyed the extra snuggles.
 Our three tomato plants have been producing tons of tomatoes!  Jim and Drew go out several evenings each week to pick them.
 We went out for dinner with friends on Saturday evening.  After dinner, we went to play at a park.

 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I made a little insert about Drew's first day of first grade.
 This is the front of the insert.
 Here is the back of the insert.
Here is the main page for the week.
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