Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Life - Week 37

This was another fun and busy week for us!  
I let Maddie feed herself a pudding cup, and she was covered in pudding!
 We ordered Maddie a new "big girl" car seat, and it arrived this week.  We took it out for a little drive the evening we installed it, and when Maddie heard us say that she was "so big" in her new seat, she had to do the "so big" motions with her arms.
 She seems to really like her new seat, and she falls asleep in it often.
 Maddie and I went to our favorite thrift store one morning while Drew was at school, and we found Drew a Robin costume.  I wasn't sure if he would want it (now that he is old enough to have strong opinions about these things), so I took him back after school so he could see it.  We were excited to find that it was still there!  Drew tried it on and loved it, so it came home with us.
 Drew wore his costume while he did his homework that evening.
 He can't wait for Halloween!
 Drew and Maddie don't always get along, but when they do, it is just so sweet!  I caught them like this one morning.  Maddie sometimes climbs up into Drew's lap, and he holds her.
 I love it!
 Jim hired me to cater the lunch for a big tournament at his course this weekend, so we had a lot of shopping and cooking to do at the end of this week.  I made two kinds of pasta and a salad.
 I am not a caterer, so this was a big job for me!  I cooked all the pasta the day before the tournament, and then I reheated it the next day.  I was a little nervous about getting it all done, keeping it hot, and transporting it all to the course on time, but it all worked out pretty well.  I was so thankful!
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
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