Friday, October 23, 2009

Mom is Here!

My mom is here to visit us for a week, and we are having a great time with her. She got here yesterday afternoon, and she is already becoming an expert on Thomas the Train (Drew's current obsession) and having lots of fun coloring, reading, and playing with Drew. We went to JoAnn's this afternoon, and we've also been having fun trying a few new recipes. We made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana for dinner this evening, and it was absolutely wonderful!
We've also been enjoying these Sour Cream Apple Bars that we made last night. We are hoping to have more fun during the rest of her visit - despite the rainy weather forecast!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lots of Scrapping

I've been doing some more scrapbooking, and I have some more pages to share. All of them are based on sketches from The site is having a contest during the months of October and November. The goal is to scrap as many of their sketches as possible. I don't think I'll be the winning scrapper, but I thought I'd make a good effort and get some pages done in the process. I've been having fun, and I've been trying to use mostly supplies I already have on-hand.
This first page is about our trip to Krispy Kreme with the Scallys. I was able to include a hat from our visit.
This next one is about last Christmas in SC. I was glad to be able to get it done before another Christmas comes around.
This is a page about our dairy farm trip this summer with my parents.
I had fun making this page about Drew and his ice cream sandwich.
This last page is about Drew's finger painting adventure several months ago. I got out my paint this weekend to do Drew's hand print for this page, and then we had to get out the easel and finger paint again. I stitched the title with a stitching template I had been wanting to use for a while. I really like how it turned out and am excited to do it again.
You can click on the pages to see them in better detail.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Carving Our Pumpkin

Drew and I chose this pumpkin last Saturday at Meijer, and we carved it late this afternoon. I drew the face, and Jim was the pumpkin carver.
We were shocked that Drew was willing to touch the seeds and insides of the pumpkin!
Drew was interested in the carving for a little while.
His main job was taking the little cut out chunks of pumpkin and tossing them into the garbage can.

We had fun carving our family's first jack-o-lantern!