Friday, March 27, 2009

Fourth Grade Fun

We had a fun week at school this week. One Tuesday, we went on a tour of the Morley Candy Factory. We've been reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and this was a follow-up to that book. We saw a video about chocolate, and then we got to see the candy kitchen where the workers were making chocolate. We couldn't take any pictures of the kitchen, but I took this picture in the lobby. The moose is the Morley mascot. Today was Storybook Character Day. We had Pocahontas, Strawberry Shortcake, Little Red Riding Hood, Paul Bunyan, a pirate, and Abraham Lincoln.
Linda Ollila was Waldo.
Terry Fenton was Amelia Bedelia.
I was Madeline. Where's Waldo?

The elementary teachers all dressed up and read books about our characters.
On another happy note, my friend Beth Scally, who was the fourth grade teacher when I taught first grade had her second little boy this afternoon - Grant Scally. I can't wait to meet him! I am hoping to go see them at the hospital tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lucky Lunch With Friends

Yesterday I wanted to do something fun with Drew as a little Saint Patrick's Day treat, so we went to eat lunch and play at McDonald's with Beth and Joseph Scally. Beth just got taken off bed rest, so we were all excited to get out and do something fun together. The boys ate chicken nuggets and fries and then got busy playing. The play area was a little advanced for them, but they enjoyed climbing on the end of the slide and on another short platform.

The boys played so well together! They really had a fun time.

We knew it was time to go when they both lay down on the floor at the end. These boys are so funny!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Visit With Curious George

Jim, Drew, and I spent an hour at Barnes and Noble this morning seeing Curious George! We got there early, so Drew played with the Thomas trains while we waited for the story time to begin.

A lady came out and read two Curious George books to the children.
Drew was very squirmy on my lap, so I finally decided to try letting him get down on the platform with the other children. He didn't want to sit, but he was excited to be down.
He stood to listen for a while.
Then, he started working his way closer to the stage.
He sat on the edge of the stage.
He was kicking his feet and blabbing away on the stage.
He kept scooting closer and closer to the lady who was reading.

He was being quite a ham!
Drew ended up right next to the lady who was reading.

After the stories were done, George came out to see the children. Drew was very excited!
Drew wasn't afraid of George at all. He gave him high fives and was just beaming the whole time.
Drew even tried to give George a kiss, but he couldn't reach him with his lips.
Drew had such a fun time meeting George!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, Drew has only been two for a few days, but the terribleness has already begun. On Monday, Drew went to work with Jim while I taught at school for the morning. One of Drew's favorite things to do at work is hit golf balls with little clubs that they keep there. Jim was speaking to a customer, and she suddenly cried out in pain. Drew had hit her ankle with his club! Jim was so embarrassed and had to apologize again and again to the lady (thankfully, it was the mother of one of Jim's employees, and she was very nice about the whole situation), but Jim felt horrible about it.
Drew loves balls, and he throws them all over the place. We have been working with him about throwing ONLY balls and not other things - blocks, books, . . . Last night while I was putting groceries away, Drew kept grabbing cans and throwing them down on the kitchen floor. We told him "No!" I turned away from him to put some things away and heard the sound of breaking glass. Drew had gotten a spaghetti sauce jar from the table and thrown it down on the floor. This is what I saw when I turned around. Notice that a Curious George book was a victim of the mess.
We managed to get things cleaned up, but not without Drew's being punished, my cutting my hand on a piece of glass, and our family's being late for church.
On a more positive note, I want to share some of Drew's current favorites. This hat has hardly left Drew's head during the waking hours of the last few days. He has wanted to wear it constantly. I have to take it off his head immediately before naps and bedtime, and he cries for it as soon as he wakes up. He is definitely his father's boy in this regard!
These pictures also show Drew's favorite meal - chicken nuggets and cooked carrots, with a little Ranch dressing for dipping. I think he would eat this combination three times a day if I would allow him to!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drew's Birthday

For the past three years, Drew's birthday has always seemed to bring on the beginning of Spring-like weather here in Michigan. I remember going into the hospital in my winter coat, and coming out five days later to much nicer, warmer weather the year Drew was born.
Drew and I went outside for about an hour yesterday to play. He has been wanting to ride in his truck all winter. When we go out to the garage to get in the car, he often goes over to his truck and says "truck." I keep telling him that he can ride it soon, but it has been so cold for so long. He got to ride it yesterday, and he was so happy! George, of course, rode in the back.
We also took a long walk through the neighborhood with the wagon.
We had to wait to open Drew's gifts until last night since Jim and I both worked yesterday morning, and I left very early that morning, before Drew was even up, to take my car in for repairs. My parents sent Drew a package of presents, so he opened those last night.
He got a flashlight,
a new George with pajamas,

a George ball,
some Patch the Pirate cds from Uncle Mark and Aunt Katie,
a Corduroy bear and book,
an Elmo book,
and a box of Teddy Grahams.

Both grandmas and Grandpa also gave money toward the new bookcase that Jim and I wanted to get for Drew. We got it this weekend, and Jim put it together last night. Once we are done with the changing table, we will bring the bookcase into Drew's room.
Drew had a very nice birthday, and we can hardly believe that he has been part of our family for two whole years!