Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, Drew has only been two for a few days, but the terribleness has already begun. On Monday, Drew went to work with Jim while I taught at school for the morning. One of Drew's favorite things to do at work is hit golf balls with little clubs that they keep there. Jim was speaking to a customer, and she suddenly cried out in pain. Drew had hit her ankle with his club! Jim was so embarrassed and had to apologize again and again to the lady (thankfully, it was the mother of one of Jim's employees, and she was very nice about the whole situation), but Jim felt horrible about it.
Drew loves balls, and he throws them all over the place. We have been working with him about throwing ONLY balls and not other things - blocks, books, . . . Last night while I was putting groceries away, Drew kept grabbing cans and throwing them down on the kitchen floor. We told him "No!" I turned away from him to put some things away and heard the sound of breaking glass. Drew had gotten a spaghetti sauce jar from the table and thrown it down on the floor. This is what I saw when I turned around. Notice that a Curious George book was a victim of the mess.
We managed to get things cleaned up, but not without Drew's being punished, my cutting my hand on a piece of glass, and our family's being late for church.
On a more positive note, I want to share some of Drew's current favorites. This hat has hardly left Drew's head during the waking hours of the last few days. He has wanted to wear it constantly. I have to take it off his head immediately before naps and bedtime, and he cries for it as soon as he wakes up. He is definitely his father's boy in this regard!
These pictures also show Drew's favorite meal - chicken nuggets and cooked carrots, with a little Ranch dressing for dipping. I think he would eat this combination three times a day if I would allow him to!

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