Monday, March 9, 2009


Drew turns two today, and we celebrated his birthday on Saturday with Jim's side of the family. Jim's niece's son, Brandon turns 12 tomorrow, and another family friend has a birthday later this week, so we decided to have one big party to celebrate all three birthdays together.
This is Jim's sister, Sharon and her husband Larry, with Drew at the party. This is us with Drew. He ate lots of sweets that night. This is one of Jim's niece Jennifer's famous chocolate chip cookies. She brings them to every family event.
Here Drew is eating a piece of the birthday cake.
Drew did not want to blow out the candles. He kept making this funny face when Jim tried to get him to blow them out.
We were singing "Happy Birthday."
This is the birthday cake I made for the three birthday people. It is a Chocolate Midnight cake from the Chocolate Cake Doctor book. I love to bake, but cake decorating isn't really my thing.
Drew didn't really get real involved in opening his own gifts, but he decided to help Brandon open his.
Jim helped Drew open his presents. He got some books, a sand and water table, a DVD, a dog that blows bubbles,a Target gift card, and a Chevy Silverado motorized truck. He is so spoiled!
Jim's niece has a couple of dogs, and Drew chased them through the house all evening. He kept trying to put his hat on them.
Here are the birthday boys - 10 years apart.
It was a very nice party, and we are so thankful for Jim's family and their generosity and love for Drew and us. We have gifts to open this evening from my side of the family, so I'll try to post pictures from that later this week.

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