Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Visit With Curious George

Jim, Drew, and I spent an hour at Barnes and Noble this morning seeing Curious George! We got there early, so Drew played with the Thomas trains while we waited for the story time to begin.

A lady came out and read two Curious George books to the children.
Drew was very squirmy on my lap, so I finally decided to try letting him get down on the platform with the other children. He didn't want to sit, but he was excited to be down.
He stood to listen for a while.
Then, he started working his way closer to the stage.
He sat on the edge of the stage.
He was kicking his feet and blabbing away on the stage.
He kept scooting closer and closer to the lady who was reading.

He was being quite a ham!
Drew ended up right next to the lady who was reading.

After the stories were done, George came out to see the children. Drew was very excited!
Drew wasn't afraid of George at all. He gave him high fives and was just beaming the whole time.
Drew even tried to give George a kiss, but he couldn't reach him with his lips.
Drew had such a fun time meeting George!

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becka said...

Very cute. Looks like you all had a fun time. What a little ham!