Friday, August 30, 2013

Drew's First Day of First Grade

Drew started first grade on Monday, and he was so excited about it!  He has been counting down the days for the past few weeks.  Drew has really been looking forward to being a "full-day" student and getting to eat lunch and go to recess at school.  I was the first grade teacher at Drew's school for seven years (until Drew was born), and I am excited for Drew to be a first grader this year!
We did a very quick photo shoot on the driveway before we left for school that morning.  I pulled out our little chalkboard easel, wrote a quick title and date in sidewalk chalk, snapped a few photos, and we were off to school.
Here is Drew with his first grade teacher.  We have heard a lot of good things about her, and we are looking forward to a great year.
 We were able to go into Drew's classroom for a few minutes that morning, and we got to see Drew's room (my old classroom) and his desk.
 Maddie was thrilled to find a Curious George in Drew's classroom.
 Drew had a great first day of school!  After school, we met some friends for ice cream at Culver's.  The boys were extremely hyper after their long, busy day at school.
I had Drew lie down to rest for a little while that afternoon when we got home.  He was exhausted!
 We tried to get him up after about an hour, and he did not want to wake up - even when Maddie climbed up on the bed with him and started getting into all of his stuff.
This has been a great first week of school, and we are looking forward to getting into a routine and having a wonderful school year!

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