Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Life - Week 31

The first few days of this week were spent traveling home from South Carolina.  We took two days to drive home, and on the first day, we stopped in Tennessee at the Museum of Appalachia to eat lunch and walk around a little bit.  While we were inside the little store, my mom found this bonnet for Maddie.  A worker saw Maddie in the bonnet and suggested a coon-skin hat for Drew.  My parents bought each of the kids a hat, and they wore them while they ate their lunches.
 There are peacocks that roam around the grounds, and they were very interested in our food.
 We were surrounded by peacocks!
 Maddie watched some Curious George on her portable DVD player for part of the trip.
 That evening, we stayed in a hotel just north of Cincinnati.  We decided to got to Ikea that evening for dinner and to do a little bit of shopping.  Drew tried out a bed and watched a little bit of baseball.
 Once we got home, my parents stayed with us for a night, and then they drove up to northern Michigan to see some friends for the weekend.  We spent the rest of the week and weekend unpacking and running errands in preparation for my surgery and whatever recovery time I would need after my surgery.  I was able to get a hair appointment one morning, and Jim and I went out for a little date night one of the evenings.  Jim bought me a couple of new scarves that night.
 We also took care of getting all of Drew's school supplies.
 Drew got some new Batman underpants and some new socks and undershirts (not nearly as exciting as the Batman underpants).
That Saturday morning, the children and I went to Ace hardware store to get some paint (they were giving away free quarts of paint).  Drew found a cane while we were waiting, and he was pretending to be The Penguin (one of the Batman bad guys).
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I kept all the pictures at 3x4 inches, and I even did a simple collage about our trip to Ace.  I found the little paper bag in my shopping cart, and thought it would be fun to include it, so I cut it down a bit and then added a bit of the paint chip.
I am linking up again this week at The Mom Creative.

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