Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Life Week - 29

This week was another fun and busy week for us.  Drew helped me make a banana pudding poke cake.  We all liked it a lot!
 Maddie loves to look at books and have us read to her right now.  She likes to sit in her little chair and read.
 We stopped at Dairy Queen after church on Wednesday night, and Jim got a smoothie.  Maddie loved Jim's smoothie and pretty much stole what remained in his cup when we got home.
 Maddie gets herself into all kinds of trouble.  I heard her crying and came into the living room to find her stuck, feet up, between the couch and the end table.
 We ate dinner at Applebee's on Thursday with a gift card that Jim's cousin sent us, and it was an evening of discoveries for my children.  Drew declared their grilled cheese sandwich to be the best ever.  He said, "I'm not trying to be mean, Mommy, but this grilled cheese is better than the ones you make."
 Maddie discovered ketchup that evening, and she is a huge fan now.  She likes to dip things in ketchup and then suck the ketchup off whatever she dips.  She might never eat a french fry again - just use it as a vessel for ketchup.
 Drew had VBS at our church every morning this week, and he loved it.  Here he is with the prizes he earned with the points he got throughout the week.
 We decided part-way through the week to take a last-minute trip to South Carolina before my surgery, so I rushed around to get my pre-op appointment at the hospital taken care of and to get everything packed.  Maddie entertained herself by getting into things, as usual.  One of her new favorites is emptying her sock basket.
 Jim had to run an outing Saturday morning, and I had a baby shower to go to, so we weren't able to leave for our trip until Saturday afternoon.  That morning, as I was getting ready for the baby shower, Jim called to say that he had burned himself as he was lighting a big, old grill at work.  He made it sound like it wasn't too bad, just some singed eyebrows and slight burns.  I was shocked to come home from the shower and find him with his arm all bandaged up.  He had a second-degree burn on his hand and some burns on his arm and nose.  He had to go to urgent care and get bandaged up.  He also had to have a tetanus shot, and we had to stop at CVS on our way out of town to pick up an antibiotic and some burn cream for him.  He did fine on the trip, and is pretty well healed now, thankfully.
 The kids slept for a good part of the afternoon, and we made it to Cincinnati in time to meet my parents for dinner.  We stayed in a hotel in Cincinnati on Saturday night, and then Jim left Sunday morning to come back home, and we went on to South Carolina with my parents.
 Here is what I did for Project Life this week.
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