Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project Life - Week 32

This week started with a pajama day at home on Sunday.  Maddie had a rash, and I was afraid to take her to the church nursery, so I kept her home.  She loves bananas, and she brought a couple bananas out to the living room that morning.  She had gotten them off the counter in the kitchen.  I went to put them away and found the remainder of the banana bunch scattered across the kitchen floor.
 Drew had water night at church that Wednesday night.  He loved it!
 My thyroid surgery was on Tuesday.  It went well, and I loved having my own little room to recover in that night.
 On our way home from the hospital on Wednesday, we stopped at Sonic, and Jim got me an orange cream slush.  It tasted delicious, and it felt so good on my throat!
 I came home to find some beautiful flowers from my parents.
 My sister and brother-in-law sent me a package later in the week.  My sister makes beautiful cookies, and she sent me some to cheer me up.
 My parents spent the week with us, and they were such a help.  Mom did lots of cooking, cleaning and laundry, and Dad ran lots of errands and cut our grass and Drew's hair.  They both spent a lot of time playing and reading with the kids.
 Maddie loves gadgets, and she enjoyed watching little videos on my mom's Kindle.
 Every time my mother's phone rang, Maddie got very serious, and said "Uh-oh!"  We kept calling Mom's phone just to hear Maddie's reaction.
 Maddie loves to drape clothing around her neck, so I let her try out my new scarf from my sister.  She looked so elegant as she played with Drew's light saber.
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I used all 3x4 inch photos and a little journaling card right at the beginning.
I am linking up again this week at The Mom Creative.

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