Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project Life - Week 34

I mentioned last week that Drew's transition from (almost) daily afternoon naps to no naps was a struggle.  Drew's sleepiness caught up with him again late one afternoon this week, and he fell asleep on the couch.
 Maddie got up from her nap and was quite intrigued to find Drew sleeping.  She kept climbing up to see him and was even pulling at him.  He slept through it all!
 Drew did another week of golf camp at Jim's course and had a lot of fun.
 Maddie and I ran errands several of the mornings while Drew was at his camp.  One of our favorite stops was Trader Joe's.
 Jim's car started making some loud noises this week, and Jim asked the mechanic at his course about the noises.  The mechanic said that it was the water pump and that Jim needed to take the car in.  A water pump, some belts and hoses, two new tires, and a lot of money later, and Jim's car is back to being in pretty good shape (at least as good of shape as a 13 year-old car can be!).
 Jim and Drew have started a new nightly routine before bed - "R and R," pronounced "er and er," and short for "Reading and Wrassling."  They read a few verses from the Bible, discuss them, pray, and then wrestle.  They love this time!
 As one last little activity before the end of summer vacation, I took Drew and Maddie to the zoo on Friday.  I was a little nervous about all the walking and pushing the stroller so soon after my surgery, but I felt good the whole time, and we had fun.  We got to see the penguins being fed.
 A lot of the animals were pretty lethargic while we were there, so I didn't get many animal photos this time.  Maddie enjoyed having her stroller surrounded by ducks.
 The seals were swimming quite a bit, and we all liked watching them swim around the tunnel.
 We rode the train back to the front of the zoo at the end of our visit, and we were able to see Jim as the train went past the golf course (the zoo is right next door to Jim's course).  He came out behind the club house and waved to us as we went by.
Here's what I did this week for Project Life.  I am linking up again this week at The Mom Creative.
 I was shopping at my favorite thrift store this past week and was so excited to find two big boxes full of Project Life journaling cards!  There are cards from many different Project Life editions, and I have lots and lots of journaling options now!
I will be back again on Friday with a few new Pinterest ideas I've tried lately.

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