Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Life - Week 10

This week started with a rash!  Drew developed a rough, red, itchy rash over the weekend, so we started giving him Benadryl on Sunday.  It didn't seem to be getting any better, so I called the doctor Monday morning.  The nurse I spoke to thought that the rash sounded like Scarlet Fever, so she wanted me to bring Drew in for a strep test.  His test came back negative, but they said that they would send it to the hospital for more testing and call me if it turned out to be strep.  We kept Drew home from school on Tuesday, but he still had no symptoms of strep, and the rash seemed to be improving a little, so we sent him back to school on Wednesday.
 Drew got birthday mail from my parents on Wednesday.  He was excited to get some mail!
 One of the things they sent him was a "Wooly Willy" magnet toy.  We all had to take several turns making funny hair on Willy that evening!
I made cupcakes for Drew to take to school for his birthday, and Maddie decided to help herself to one while they were cooling on the table.
 I made Oreo cupcakes with some little chocolate Lego guys on the tops.  I thought they turned out really fun, and Drew loved them!  I used Wilton candy melts and a Lego man mold.
 Drew took his cupcakes to school on Friday and had a great morning, but as soon as we got home that afternoon, he started crying and saying that he had a bad headache.  I had him lie down on the couch (Nurse Maddie was right by his side), and after a bit, he told me that he was really feeling sick.  He ended up throwing up a few minutes later.  After he threw up, he felt a lot better.  I called the doctor to see if they thought he might be developing strep after all.  The nurse said that it sounded like symptoms of strep, but since he was feeling better after throwing up and since his throat didn't hurt, she thought we could wait and see how things went that night and he could come in Saturday morning if he started feeling sick again.  He ended up feeling fine all weekend, and we didn't go back to the doctor.  He was supposed to have a little friend birthday party on Saturday morning, but we decided to postpone it, just in case.
 We let Drew open one of his gifts on Friday night since we were taking it easy after his rough afternoon.  He was excited about getting a new movie, and we watched it that evening.
 Drew opened the rest of his gifts from us on Saturday morning.  We got him a couple of new Wii games and some Detroit Tigers wall art for his bedroom.
 We stayed home and played a lot of Wii on Drew's birthday.  He was feeling great all day, so that night, we had pizza (his requested birthday dinner), and I surprised him by making an Angry Birds pizza!
 He couldn't tell what it was supposed to be at first, but once Jim lifted him up above the pizza, he could see the angry bird better.
 This is my layout for Week 10.  I kept this week's page very simple again with 3x4 and 4x6 photos.
I am linking up with The Mom Creative.
I didn't ever get back and blog about Drew's family birthday party last week, but I will try to do it later this week!

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