Friday, March 22, 2013

Drew's Family Birthday Party

Drew celebrated his sixth birthday with Jim's side of the family at his traditional party - the Drew, Brandon, and Sherry party.  There are three family members with birthdays within the same week, so we always celebrate them together each year.  The party was at Jim's sister's house this year, and it started with appetizers.  Maddie hung out in the kitchen with the adults.  Here she is with Jim's sister, Sharon.
 Maddie loves to eat, so the appetizer table was the perfect place for her to be!
 Drew went downstairs to play Wii and pillow-fight with the older kids.
 Drew's cousin, Danny, is a couple months older than he is, and they always enjoy playing together at all the family gatherings.  Here they were waiting for their dinner.
 After dinner, the birthday people opened their gifts.
 Drew got some DS and Wii games, and a lot of Angry Birds stuff.
 Maddie spent some time with her Uncle Larry.
One of the things that Jim's sister and brother-in-law got Drew was an Angry Birds hat.
 He loved it!
 Maddie loves Jim's nephew, Greg!
 He can always make her smile.
 Drew danced around while everyone sang "Happy Birthday," and then he decided to skip dessert and go back downstairs to play.
 Maddie was happy to eat her cupcake, of course!
It was a fun evening with the family!  We were worried that we might have to miss the family party after Drew got sick, but he was feeling fine.  We were glad that he was able to make it to one of his two parties that weekend!  We had to postpone his friend party, and we've rescheduled it for this weekend.  I'll be sure to post some pictures after that party.

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