Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Life - Week 11

We had Drew's family birthday party on Sunday, and then Drew's birthday spilled over into this week, with birthday mail coming from his aunts and uncles in South Carolina.
 Drew decided to color in his new birthday coloring book, and he was frustrated that Maddie tried to join him.  We got her her own coloring book, but she still wanted to color in his with him.  She loves to do whatever he is doing!
 Jim, Drew, and I played Drew's new Battleship game one evening.  The boys were a team, and I beat them - just barely!
 Drew had a "Turn Off the TV and Read" week for school, so we did a lot of extra reading.
 We ate lunch at Pizza Hut with friends one day after school.  The boys used their free pizza coupons from "Book-It," and the rest of us got the pizza buffet.  Maddie and Ella shared some vanilla wafers,
 and the boys ate up their pizza.
 On our way home from lunch, we decided to drive out to Jim's work to see him for a little while.  He has been busy at work lately, and he's been having to work longer days the past few weeks.  It was fun to spend some time there with him.  Drew loved his ride through the clubhouse, and Maddie liked having lots of space where she could walk around.
 Drew crawled into a golf ball display case.
 Drew had Storybook Character Day at school on Friday.  He was Curious George, of course!
 Jim and Drew ran out to Jim's work early on Saturday morning, and they stopped for donuts on the way home.  Maddie ate a whole donut!
 This is this week's layout, alongside last week's page.  I made an insert about Drew's family birthday party.
 Here are the two weeks' pages, with the insert flipped.
Here is this week's page.  I have been keeping things simple lately with 4x6 and 3x4 photos.
 Here is the front of the birthday insert.  I cut down a 4x6 journaling card (Simple Stories) and added a 6 sticker as a title.
 This is the back of the insert.
I am linking up at The Mom Creative.
I am planning to post later this week about Drew's friend birthday party this past weekend.  The boys had lots of fun!

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