Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project Life - Week 8

This week started with having to say goodbye to my mom and sister after their short, but sweet, birthday visit.  We took a few pictures on Monday morning before they left.
Drew and Aunt Nora.
 Aunt Nora, Grandma Becka, Drew, and Maddie.
 Maddie gave Aunt Nora a nice hug!
 Saying goodbye to Grandma.
 We waved goodbye to them out the window as they drove away.
 That Monday was Presidents' Day, so Drew had the day off from school.  We had a fun day at home.  I spent that afternoon making lots and lots of pumpkin muffins (the recipe is coming later this week!) for a baby shower that was being held for Drew's kindergarten teacher that evening at church.  Drew's teacher is expecting a little boy in May!  I went to the shower that evening, and Jim and the kids spent the evening at home.
 Maddie and Drew enjoyed playing with some of the leftover birthday party balloons throughout that week.
One of the highlights of the week was that Maddie started walking!  She took her first few little steps on Tuesday evening.  She had been very close to walking for a while, and we were all so excited that she did it!
 Drew has been sleeping in a Thomas the Train toddler bed for the past couple of years, and he has really loved that bed.  It was a great bed for him, but it was really starting to get too short, and we've been talking about moving him up to a bigger bed for a while.  We decided that with Drew's sixth birthday coming up, it was probably time to go ahead with our big boy bed plans.  We already had Jim's old wooden twin-sized bed in our basement, so we just needed to get Drew a mattress.
We researched some mattress options, and we ended up ordering a twin-sized memory foam mattress from Sam's Club.  It came in a little over a week, and it was delivered to our porch in a box - a box that was not at all the shape of a mattress!  I carried it in myself, and once I got through the packaging, I found it tightly rolled inside the box.  As soon as I cut through the plastic packaging, it puffed right up to its normal shape and size!  It was kind of amazing!
My mom got to test it out first during the weekend she was here, and Drew got to start sleeping in it for the first time this week.  He loves his new bed!  We are planning some other changes to his room in the coming weeks, and I'll blog about those when we get them done.
 I went to see a play with some friends on Thursday evening.  We saw "Pride and Prejudice," and we really enjoyed it.  We stopped at McDonalds afterwards, and we ended up staying out so long that we were asked to leave because they wanted to lock up!  Clearly, none of us had had a girls' night out in while!
 Maddie got more adventurous in her walking as the days went by.  Here she is trying to stand in an awkward way.
 There she goes!
 I had mentioned a while ago that I was preparing for a Mom to Mom sale at church, and this was the weekend!  Jim and I went over to the church on Friday evening to set up my table.  We decided to make a little date night out of it and stopped for a quick dinner afterwards before we picked up Maddie from Jim's mom's house.  Drew spent the night there with her.
The Mom to Mom sale was Saturday morning, and, for our church's first sale, I thought it went well.  It was well-organized, and it ran very smoothly.  We all wished that it had been a little better attended, but over-all it was a good experience.  I made just under $200.00, and we cleared some clothes out of our basement, so I was happy!
 Jim got two new pairs of shoes this week, and as he was trying one pair on, Drew decided to try out the other pair.  I love that Drew's are on the wrong feet!
 Here is my layout for this week.  I kept things very simple and just used mostly 3x4 inch photos and one 4x6 inch collage.
I am linking up at The Mom Creative.
I plan to share the pumpkin muffin recipe later this week.  It is a good one - and very easy!

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