Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project Life - Week 13

Maddie and I run errands a couple mornings each week while Drew is at school.  This Tuesday morning, we went to Target, Aldi, and the thrift store.  I had a coupon for a free Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, and I used it at the Target Starbucks.  It was a very nice morning!

I hard-boiled a dozen eggs this week.  I made deviled eggs from 6 of them.  Jim loves deviled eggs, and I never think to make them.
 Drew took the other 6 eggs to school on Wednesday and dyed them with his class.  Here he is with his beautiful eggs.  His Mario shirt was one of my thrift store finds from Tuesday.  I got it for 40 cents!
 Our church preschool group had an Easter activity on Thursday afternoon.  We had a potluck lunch, and then our youth pastor's wife taught the kids an Easter lesson.  Maddie was wandering around throughout the lesson.  She did not want to be held - she wanted to be part of the action!
 After the lesson, we went outside for an Easter egg hunt.
 Maddie found one egg.
 Drew found about a dozen.
 Here is the whole little group.
We have a whole little collection of stuffed Peeps.  My sister started the collection for us when Drew was a baby, and I've added some with some thrift store finds.  I took some pictures of Maddie playing with the peeps.  She is wearing a little top that my mom made for her.  It has cute little bunnies on it, and I thought it was the perfect thing for her to wear for the Easter egg hunt.
Drew's buddy, Grant, had a super hero birthday party on Friday.  Drew wanted to be Superman, so we used some Amazon gifts cards to order Drew a Superman shirt.  He got the cape at the party, and he loves it!
 Since Drew's stomp rockets were so popular at Christmas, we decided to give Drew's friend a set of stomp rockets for his birthday, and after the party, Drew wanted to come home and use his own stomp rockets.  The cape made him able to stomp extra hard, I'm sure!
Maddie had just woken up from her nap right before we went outside.  She had taken off one of her socks during her nap, and I didn't realize it until we got outside.  I put her down in the grass, and she was not very happy to feel the grass on her foot!
Here is what I did for Project Life.  It was simple and straightforward this week, after several weeks of inserts.  I used Easter papers since so much of what we did this week was all about activities leading up to Easter.  I will do an Easter insert for next week's layout.
This is how it looks across the page from last week's page and insert,
and here it is with the insert flipped.
I am linking up again with The Mom Creative.

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cat said...

Love your project life - you have the same type of approach I have - simple and tell the story and lots of pictures