Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life - Week 14

Maddie started getting a runny nose on Easter, and it continued for the first few days of the week.  It didn't stop her from posing for the camera, though!
 Monday was April Fools Day, and Jim and I decided to play a trick on Drew that morning.  We hid his backpack in the van early that morning, and then when it was time to leave for school, he couldn't find it.  He was pretty nervous that he was going to be in trouble for losing his backpack, and he was quite surprised when he found it waiting for him in the van!
I took Drew and Maddie to McDonalds for lunch one day after we picked Drew up from kindergarten.  We ate fries and nuggets, and then, since it was so pleasant outside, we decided to go to the park after lunch.
 We stopped to see the ducks when we first got to the park.
Drew wanted to play on the big playground, and Maddie wasn't content to just sit in her stroller while her brother played.  I let her get out and walk around a little while Drew played,
 and then we went to Maddie's favorite area - the swings!  We had a fun time, and we are looking forward to more nice weather so we can go back again.
 Drew's friend, Joseph, had a bowling birthday party on Friday afternoon.  Drew was excited to bowl, but he was reminded again that real bowling is harder than Wii bowling.
He just wasn't quite strong enough to get the ball moving hard enough to knock down many pins, and that was frustrating to him.  He had fun with his friends, though, and it was a nice party.
 Maddie stayed with Jim's mom during the bowling party, and after the party, I traded children with her!  I picked up Maddie and left Drew to spend the night with Grandma.
Maddie got some new sippy cups this week.  She has switched to whole milk in the last couple of months, and she has done great with the switch.
 She is such a great eater!  She will try anything, and there is hardly anything she doesn't like.  She ate pasta one night this week and loved it!  She got a little messy, but that was fine with her.  :)
 Here is what I did for Project Life this week.  I used a Design A page protector for the week itself, and I cut another Design A page to make the Easter insert.
 Here it is with the insert flipped.
 This is the week all by itself.
 Here is the front of the Easter insert,
 and this is the back of the insert.
I am linking up with The Mom Creative again this week.
I am planning to share a couple of recipes later this week, and I hope you will come back to see them!


ina i Sewa said...

Photo super :) :)

becka said...

Love the pictures!

Charlotte said...

This is a lovely PL spread. Your kids are so adorable. :) Wonderful photos and stories from the week.
I found your link via The Mom Creative. :)