Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

We were thankful to be able to spend Easter as a family this year!  We had originally thought that Jim might have to work on Easter, but he was able to get things covered and spend the day with us.
The morning started with Easter baskets on the kitchen table.  I love to gather things to fill the baskets, and I've been slowly collecting things for the past few months.
Drew was very excited to see what was in his basket!
We got Maddie a toothbrush, some cheddar bunny crackers, some hair clips, and her first little bottles of nail polish!  I had heard good things about Piggy Paint, which is a natural nail polish, but it is pretty pricey on-line.  I found a two-pack at Walmart for about $4!
We got Drew a mix of candy and other fun things.  He loves Angry Birds, and he got some Angry Birds pencil toppers, an Angry Birds notebook, and some Angry Birds pajama pants, in addition to his candy.
I had some cinnamon rolls in the freezer that I heated and frosted for our breakfast, and then we got ready for church.  Our church did an Easter cantata in the morning service, and it was a beautiful reminder of Christ's sacrifice for us on the cross and His triumph over death with His resurrection.
I asked for a family picture after morning church, and this was the best we were able to get.  It is tough to get a good group picture!
We went over to Jim's sister and brother-in-law's house for Easter dinner.  Maddie was starting to get a little bit of a runny nose, so she wasn't quite the hearty eater that she usually is, but she did pretty well with her dinner, and Drew ate pretty well too.
The kids went outside after lunch, and they had fun playing with Drew's stomp rockets.
After playing for a while, the kids did their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Each child had a different egg color to search for, and eggs were filled with money!  Drew searched for blue eggs, and Maddie searched for pink eggs.
This was where one of Maddie's eggs was hidden - in my mother-in-law's hair!
Maddie found one of her eggs in a flower bed.
Drew did a pretty good job of finding all of his eggs.
Maddie looked so cute walking around with her little eggs.
Drew with some of his eggs.
After the hunt, Maddie sat on the front walk and played with the basket full of empty eggs for quite a while.
The kids were pretty tired after our morning at church and the afternoon with family, so we had a quiet evening at home, with early bedtimes for the kids.
We had a very nice Easter, with all the fun of baskets, egg hunts, and family, but we know that Easter is truly about Jesus and all that he did to provide us salvation.  We are so thankful that we serve a risen Savior, who loved us enough to suffer and die for us so that we could spend eternity in heaven with Him!

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