Friday, April 12, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Drew had his first swimming lesson this week.  He was very excited!  He loves to watch the TV show, Wipeout, and he is convinced that he will be a professional Wipeout contestant as a career someday.  We've told him that he will have to become a very good swimmer if he ever wants to be on Wipeout, so he is motivated to do well in his swimming lessons.  :)  
The children kept moving from the water to the edge.  The teacher would give them instructions on the edge and then have them get back into the water to try the new skill.
 As the kids practiced the skill along the side of the pool, the teacher would take each child out into the water to try the skill with her.
 Maddie was content to watch from her stroller for a while.  She didn't nap that afternoon, and the room we were in was extremely warm.  The combination of tiredness and hotness made for a miserable time as the lesson progressed.
 The kids learned about kicking and stroking.  They also got to try floating on their backs.
 The teacher tied a pool noodle around the kids for one of their trips out into the water.
 Our little swimmer.
 Drew's buddy, Joseph, is taking lessons too, and the boys were very hyper after their lesson.

 They were also intrigued by the water aerobics class that was starting up right after their lesson.  There were a lot of older women and a couple of men in the class.
Drew will be taking swimming lessons for the next couple of months, and we are hoping that he will learn to be a good, safe swimmer (if not an eventual "Wipeout" contestant)!

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