Friday, December 20, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Jim wanted to do something small for the teachers for Christmas, so I went looking for ideas on Pinterest.  We were short on time, since Jim has only been at the school for about a month, and since he has 19 people on his staff, we wanted to try to keep the cost and time involved fairly reasonable.  I found this tutorial for hand warmers (similar to the way I made the rice bags a few Christmases ago).  I made them from flannel, and I added a little nutmeg to the rice so they would smell nice.
I bought some big multi-flavor packs of cocoa mix from Sam's Club.
 We gave each teacher a set of hand warmers and some cocoa mix..
I tied the sets of hand warmers with baker's twine, and attached a little tag with directions for heating up the hand warmers.
 I packaged the hand warmers and cocoa mix packets in brown lunch sacks.  I used a punch to make a scalloped edge along the top of the sacks and then tied it all up with a tag and more twine.
 These ended up taking some time, but they were really quite inexpensive.  I was happy with how they turned out, and I hope that the teachers will enjoy them!

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becka said...

I'm sure they will love them!