Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 45 and 46

I am sharing two weeks worth of Project Life again today, in an attempt to be caught up around the end of 2013.
Week 45
Jim's sister and brother-in-law gave Drew and Maddie some money along with their Halloween candy, and we took the kids to Target this week to spend their money.  Drew bought some Ninja turtles, and Maddie got a cat piano that she loves!  
Maddie made us laugh with her doll and her Curious George baseball cap.  She is spunky and girly at the same time, and we love it!
She kept trying to put Drew's turtle mask on George.
Jim and I are working on a vintage wooden play kitchen makeover for Maddie for Christmas.  I am planning to do a whole post about it when it is finished.  We started working on it this week.  Jim took off the doors and hardware, and sanded the whole thing down.
We bought some apple cider this week, and we all enjoyed it!
Maddie loves books!  I caught her reading on the floor with her bonnet on her head.
My parents made a quick trip up this weekend to see my Grandmother, who is under Hospice care in Ohio.  They drove up and spent Friday night and Saturday morning with us.  We enjoyed seeing them, even though it was a very quick trip.
The guys made a little drive to Dutch Girls Donuts in Detroit for our breakfast on Saturday.
Dutch Girl donuts are so good!
We all enjoyed them!
Here is what I did for Project Life for Week 45.

Week 46
I worked in Maddie's Sunday School class this week.  I always enjoy spending time in her class with her.
We got our first dusting of snow this week.
It was funny to see snow on the fall leaves and pumpkins.
Jim and I took advantage of the Starbucks BOGO one afternoon this week.
Jim met with the deacon board of our church this week, and after meeting with them, was offered the job as our school's new principal.  He accepted, and the next day, the deacons sent out an announcement, naming Jim as the new principal.  The night of the announcement, we told Drew that Jim was going to be the new principal at his school.  He was excited.  :)
Maddie had her first speech learning group this week.  She was a bit hesitant about the activities, but she seemed to enjoy it.
Maddie's doctors had mentioned hearing heart murmurs at several different visits, so they suggested having Maddie checked by a pediatric cardiologist to be sure that everything was fine with her heart.  We saw the cardiologist this week.  Everything checked out just perfectly, and we were thankful to hear that she has a healthy heart.  Her cardiologist was an older Jewish man with lots of personality, so it was an interesting visit.
Drew was trying to look tough, with his forks "holstered" in his pants, and I just had to take a picture.
Jim and I are youth sponsors at our church, and the youth group was in charge of setting up and serving a Thanksgiving dinner for the senior citizens at our church.  I spent Friday evening helping set up for the dinner and baking pumpkin bread to give as favors to the people who came for the dinner.
I loved how the tables looked and the way that we packaged the little loaves of bread - wrapped in plastic wrap, placed on a coffee filter, and tied with a piece of black yarn.
This is what I did for Week 46.  Sorry about the glare.  I had to take these pictures in my cold garage, and I was trying to work as quickly as possible.  I thought the little clipboard journaling card was perfect for Maddie's cardiology photo.  It reminded me of a medical chart.
 Here is how Weeks 45 and 46 looked together.
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