Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 43 and 44

I have gotten a little behind in sharing my Project Life pages, so I thought I would share two weeks (and an insert!) today.
Week 43
Maddie has been getting better and better at taking off shoes and clothing, and she can unzip her zippers very well.
 Drew stayed home from school with a fever on Tuesday, and Maddie kept him company on the couch.
Maddie is almost 22 months old, and she is only saying a few words.  Her pediatrician recommended having her ears and speech checked out by the specialists at the county school department.  Maddie had her assessment this week.  Her hearing checked out great, but her speech is behind where it should be for her age (we knew this already), and they suggested enrolling her in a learning group.
 Jim got out some old grad school books to read up for his new job.
 Two sleepy Hawkinses.
 Maddie loves playing with her little George, and this week, she tried to stuff him down the laundry chute.
 Maddie and George tried out the box from a package that came in the mail.
 We bought a bag of Dumdum suckers, and Maddie enjoyed trying a few.
 We have a jar-full in the kitchen now.
 Drew and Maddie are both enjoying the suckers!
Week 44
The leaves really started changing color this week.  Our street looked very pretty.
 We had a little collection of pumpkins on our porch -  a big one to carve, two small ones from Drew's farm field trip, and a tiny one from Maddie's church preschool party.
 We carved our big pumpkin on Tuesday.  Drew did not want to help scoop out the insides!
 He made one attempt, but then he was all done.
We tried to carve a Curious George face in the pumpkin.  I'm not sure we were totally successful, but he turned out pretty cute.
Drew got a ninja turtle mask and weapon set this week, and he was looking quite tough!
Drew's school had a special day called, "American Heritage Day," where the children each picked a character from American history to dress up as and learn a speech about.  The children did a little program with some songs and poems, and some of the students were chosen to present their speeches for the audience.
Drew was Lou Gehrig, and he was chosen to give his speech at the program.  He did a great job!
I took this picture of Drew under the tree in front of his school after the program.  I thought the leaves were so pretty!
Here is what I did for Project Life for these two weeks.  This is a view with the insert face-up.
This is how it looks with the insert flipped.
 The insert is about Halloween, with pictures that I blogged here.  This is the front of the insert,
 and this is the back.
 I am linking up again with The Mom Creative.

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Crystal said...

Your photos and stories are just precious! Such great keepsakes for your family!! I love that your spreads are so photocentric! That is fabulous! <3 <3