Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life - Week 42

Maddie developed hives all over her face this week.  She kept waking up in the night and after naps with hives on her face.  I had some Benadryl cream, and when I put that on her face, the hives went away pretty quickly, but we were still concerned.
 I took Maddie to see her doctor on Tuesday.  The doctor said that it was probably just a reaction to some kind of virus.  She told us to switch to liquid Benadryl.  The hives stopped a few days later, and she didn't really end up having any other symptoms.
 Our church preschool group had a Harvest party.  Maddie got to try out her monkey costume for the first time at the party.
 She enjoyed the games
 and the food!
 She had lots of fun!
 Jim spent the day on Friday with Drew at Drew's farm field trip.  I had planned to go, but Jim had the day off, so we made a last-minute switch.  It ended up being good because Jim said that there was quite a bit of hiking around the farm, and with my post-thyroid surgery energy issues, I would have probably been pretty exhausted.  They saw animals, took a hay ride, and picked pumpkins.  They had a lot of fun together!
We went out for dinner at Qdoba that evening.
 We all love their quesadillas!
 Saturday was Sweetest Day, and Jim had to work, so he told me to take the kids for a little McDonald's date that night.
 We ended up bringing it home and eating it there.
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I am planning to add a field trip insert, but I am trying to get another picture or two from Drew's teacher or another parent first.
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