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Project Life - Weeks 47 and 48

I am sharing two weeks worth of Project Life again this week, but with this post, I will be caught up to December!
Week 47
I had a (much-needed) hair appointment this week.  I got it cut a bit shorter, and I got rid of all the blond, after years of hi-lights.  I am enjoying the change!
 Drew lost his eighth tooth this week, so the tooth fairy got to come see us again.
 This was Jim's last week at the golf course.  He had a nice week, with lots of nice notes and little visits from some of his staff and some of his regular golfers to tell him goodbye and to wish him luck in his new position.  Maddie and I went out to see him for a few minutes on his last day.  I wanted to take a few pictures of the clubhouse.
 It is a beautiful old building with lots of pretty tile-work.
 We will miss this place, but we are confident that God has called Jim to move on, and we are excited to see what lies ahead for Jim in his new ministry.

 Drew had Crazy Hat night at church on Wednesday night.  I loosely sewed some little plastic soldiers onto the top of Drew's coonskin hat, at Drew's request.  He loved it!
 Some staff members (no players, unfortunately) from the Detroit Red Wings came to Drew's school to do a special presentation about healthy eating and exercise habits.  The kids got to try some hockey activities, and they had a lot of fun!
 We spent a lot of the weekend out at the school, setting up Jim's new office.  He had a bunch of golf wall art that had hung in our old home office (that has since become a guest room and now Maddie's bedroom) that he brought out to hang in his office at school.
 The kids had fun playing in the gym while we worked.
 Maddie loves steps, so the bleachers were lots of fun for her!
Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
Week 48
With his new position at the school, Jim is considered part of the pastoral staff, and this was his first official Sunday on staff.  His work attire has drastically changed, from shorts and golf shirts, to dress shirts and ties, so it is funny to see him dressed up most days now!
 Monday was Jim's first day at the school, and it was an interesting day.  Coming in mid-semester with everything in full-swing is tough enough, but with the lingering effects of the problems that led to the previous administrator's resignation, things are even more difficult.  Jim's first morning at school started with his secretary giving her two-week notice.  Jim truly believes that God has called him to this ministry, and he has a very good attitude, in spite of some of the struggles he is facing in this new position.  It has been fun to see God work and provide in the situations so far, and we are trusting the Lord to continue to do what only He can do!
 Maddie loves books, and she reads in her crib each morning while I take a shower.  It is a safe place where I can keep her contained!
 Jim made Maddie a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and she was so hungry/excited about it, she kept crowding him back as he tried to make it.  He said that she was "boxing out."  :)
 The boys played some Battleship this week.  It is always fun to see Drew's interpretation of the location of some of his ships.  His "hits" and "misses" are not always quite accurate, which can be a bit of a challenge for his opponent.
 Drew's class had a Thanksgiving Feast, and all the Parents were invited.  We had a nice time eating and visiting with the other families.
 The first graders sang and recited a verse for us before we ate.
 Maddie enjoyed a pumpkin muffin!
 We spent much of the day on Wednesday working at the school, so we went out for dinner that night.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants - Cracker Barrel!  The guys played Checkers after dinner.
Maddie and I shopped while the guys finished their game, and I was excited to see Maddie stop and play with the play kitchen.  Jim and I are working away on Maddie's Christmas kitchen, and I am hoping that she will love it!
 We had a Thanksgiving dinner and praise service at church Tuesday night.  There were no nurseries that evening, so Maddie sat with us in the praise service.  She lasted a little while before we had to move to the lobby.  Drew sat with some bigger boys at the very front of the auditorium.  We were a little nervous about letting him sit there, but he did great!
 We celebrated Thanksgiving at Jim's sister and brother-in-law's house.
 Drew loves playing with the cousins!
 They weren't really napping, just playing!
 Maddie loves Jim's nephew, Greg!  She has always loved him, ever since she first met him when she was about 1 month old.
 She also loves the steps!  She went up and down them many, many times that day!
Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
 Here are Week 47 and Week 48 together, with a small Thanksgiving insert.
 This shows the insert flipped over.
 Here is the front of the insert,
 and this is the back of the insert.
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