Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 49 and 50

Week 49
The school Christmas concert was this week.  The entire school participated, from preschool to high school.  Drew's class sang, and they also got to play a song on the bells.
Drew got to stand by one of his friends, Abrum, during the program.
Jim introduced the program and make closing remarks at the end.  He did a great job, and he was able to meet many school parents and grandparents that night.
I put Maddie in her crib with some books each morning while I shower.  I found her asleep in her crib one morning after my shower.
 She loves books, but she can be quite messy with them!
 Eddie the Elf arrived at our house this week.  Drew was very excited to have him back again this year.
 This week, Eddie packed Drew a strange lunch,
 tried to steal a dollar from Drew's bank,
 and made himself some juice.
We are enjoying having Jim at home on the weekends!  Our family had donuts from Tim Horton's for breakfast on Saturday.
 My favorite is the candy cane doughnut at Christmas-time.  They are delicious!
 Here is what I did for Project Life this week.
Week 50
Drew had his church Christmas program Sunday night.  The kids did a nice job.
Jim needed someone to work Late Stay at school on Wednesdays, and I am the lucky girl that got the job.  Maddie and I went over to the school at dismissal and stayed with the kids for a couple of hours.  Drew is really into Bey Blades right now, and he and the boys played with Bey Blades for most of the time.
 Maddie loved the chalk board
 and the little kitchen.
 Maddie and I did some Christmas shopping this week, and it was apparently quite exhausting!
 We finally got our Christmas tree decorated this week.  Drew was a great help,
 and Maddie even tried to get into the decorating by draping ornaments along random branches.  I was worried that she would mess with the tree, but she left it alone, for the most part.
 Eddie got himself into a bit more trouble this week.  He read books (that wasn't really trouble),
 he hung out with the princesses,
 He swung from the fall decorations (early in the week, before we switched to Christmas decorations),
 he made a mess with flour and blamed Drew,
 he attacked the Ninja turtles with a Nerf gun,
 and he replaced the star at the top of the tree with himself, in a pair of Drew's underpants.
 Drew's school went Christmas caroling at an assisted living home.
 When they came out, it was snowing!
 Here's what I did for Week 50.
 Here are Week 49 and Week 50 together.
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