Friday, June 14, 2013

Project Life - Week 21

Week 21 was a fun, busy week for us!  Jim and Drew made breakfast before church on Sunday morning.  They made one of their favorites - biscuits and chocolate gravy.  They made biscuits from a can and homemade chocolate gravy.
My parents came Tuesday evening from South Carolina.  We were excited to have them here for a week!  My sister has a cookie business, and her cookies are AMAZING!  She sent some with my parents for Drew to celebrate his kindergarten graduation.  He was so excited!
 She made some Lego Spiderman cookies and some Sonic the Hedgehog cookies.
 Drew a very happy boy!
 My parents got Maddie an American Girl Bitty Baby for her birthday, and they brought it for her when they came.  She was very interested in it before she even got it out of the box.
 She kept hugging her baby.
 She loved her!
 Drew's last day of kindergarten was Thursday.  He has gotten so big (and lost so many teeth) this year!  His kindergarten graduation was that evening.
We drove down to Ohio to see my grandma and my aunt and uncle on Friday.
My parents, my grandma, and my aunt and uncle.
 My parents, my grandma, and my children and me.  We ate lunch with my grandma at her nursing home.  It was good to see family!
 That evening when we got back home, we met up with Jim at a restaurant for dinner.  We had pizza and then walked over to a frozen custard shop for dessert.
 It was all delicious!
 Friday night was "Dude Night."  Jim and Drew stayed up late watching "Wipeout" and playing the Wii.  They spent the night in the living room.  This is how I found Drew the next morning!  He was pretty tired after his late night, but he loved it!
 We went to the Eastern Market in Detroit on Saturday morning.  We saw lots of pretty flowers, plants, and produce, and we ate lunch there.
 That afternoon, Jim and my dad built our raised garden bed.
Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
This is my main page for this week.  My pictures are all standard sizes except the Eastern Market photo collage.
 I also did an insert about Drew's graduation.
 Here is is with the insert flipped.
 This is the front of the insert,
 and this is the back.
I used some more of the Wellington Mini kit for my title and journaling cards, and I am linking up with The Mom Creative again this week.

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