Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Drew's kindergarten graduation was this past Thursday evening.  His class had been practicing a lot in the last few weeks, and we had heard a few little things about the program from Drew and some things about Drew's practice antics from Drew's teacher.  We were looking forward to an memorable night, and we were not disappointed!
They started with some patriotic songs and the pledge to the flag.
 The program was about all the subjects that the class studied during their year of kindergarten, and they sang songs and said poems that they had learned about each subject.  Drew had a couple of lines that he said all by himself.  He did a great job remembering his lines and all of the words to the songs, and he was quite a character on the stage!  He did some little dance moves and made a few faces between the songs and poems.  Jim kept getting texts from our friends during the program, commenting on Drew's performance.  We were so proud and totally mortified all at the same time!
 Maddie did a pretty good job of entertaining herself during the program by snacking and watching the program.
 One of our favorite parts was a song about music, where each child played an instrument.  Drew played the tambourine!
 After the program, the children all left the auditorium to change into the caps and gowns.  Then they all marched back in sedately - except for this crazy guy!
 The children sat on the front row and each went up on the stage to receive their diplomas individually.  The principal gave Drew his diploma.
 Then Drew got a handshake from his teacher (who had just had a baby eight days before the graduation!).
 Each child posed with his diploma as he walked back across the stage to his seat.  Here was Drew's pose!
 I was able to get a better picture of Drew with his diploma after the program.  He was so cute!  He really, really enjoyed his graduation, and he did a great job!
 Here is the whole group - our family, my parents, and Jim's mom.
 Drew was excited to get some cards after the graduation.
 Drew and his best friend, Joseph.
 Drew and some other buddies, Noah and James.
 Drew got to meet his teacher's new baby after the graduation.
 We stayed for cake and punch at the church after the graduation before we went home.  Drew had a few gifts to open when we got home.  My parents got him a light saber, and he was thrilled!
 We got him a Star Wars plane, some Skittles, and his first Bible.
 Drew asked me to take a picture of him with his light saber!
 Maddie had to check it out too.
We are very proud of our kindergarten graduate!  He worked hard and learned a lot this year.  We are excited to see him continue to grow and learn as he goes through school!