Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project Life - Week 17

This week started with church on Sunday.  Jim's mom and aunt came to our church that morning, and then they came over for lunch at our house after church.
 On our way home from school one day, Drew asked if we could go out to the golf course to see Jim at work.  We called him to see if he was busy, and he told us to come on out.  We had lunch with him, and then we went out to the driving range so Drew could hit a few balls.  Maddie watched from the cart.
 Drew loves to hit golf balls, and he is looking forward to taking golf lessons again this summer.
 I let Maddie try to feed herself with a spoon this week.  She had a great time eating her applesauce.
 The pool where Drew has his swimming lessons is very hot, and we stopped at McDonald's for smoothies after Drew's lesson to help us cool off.
 I bought "Crocs" for each of the kids this week.  I love Maddie's tiny pink ones.
 Maddie got this little pink push car for Christmas from Jim's sister and brother-in-law.  Jim put it together, and he and Drew took Maddie for her first ride.
 She likes her little car!
 Jim and I went to the Tigers/Braves game on Saturday.  Jim is a Tigers fan, but the Braves are his second-favorite team, and since they don't often play each other, Jim really wanted to make it to a game while the Braves were in town.  We had a nice time at the game, and the weather was beautiful - 66 degrees and sunny.
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I kept all the photos 3x4 inches, except the photo collage of the baseball game at the bottom.  We took a self-portrait at the game that I didn't love, but I decided to add it anyway (and cropped so small, it didn't seem quite so bad).
I am linking up again with The Mom Creative.
I haven't had a lot of extra projects or activities to blog about lately (I've been doing some Spring cleaning/organizing - not very exciting to anyone but me!), but we have some fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks, so I hope to have some non-Project Life posts again soon.