Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project Life - Week 16

Maddie is into EVERYTHING these days!  Loading and unloading the dishwasher takes forever if she is around because she wants to reach in and take things.
 She loves to get into Drew's dresser drawers and pull out his clothes.  We found his bedroom floor covered with shorts and pajamas one day after she emptied the drawers.  We have started keeping the bedroom and bathroom doors closed.  Thankfully, our kitchen garbage can has a locking lid, so she can't get into that!  Jim and Drew have started calling her, "Wreck-It Ralph."
 Drew had another swimming lesson on Monday.  We switched to a new time/teacher due to a glitch in the computer system.  He is enjoying his lessons.
 Maddie and I played Peek-a-Boo behind her stroller canopy.
 After the lesson, we met Jim and his mom for dinner.  The kids ate pizza.
 Maddie looked very stern as she ate her pizza, but she really did enjoy it. :)
 We have been transitioning away from Maddie's morning nap, and she gets pretty sleepy by the afternoon.  She fell asleep at lunch one day.
 Drew and I had a little Mother/Son date night on Thursday night.  We started with dinner at McDonalds - Drew's choice.
 Then we went to Drew's school's elementary play.  It was a Patch the Pirate play.  The students did a very nice job, and Drew enjoyed watching some of his friends from church and school perform in the play.  I borrowed this picture from Facebook since I was sitting too far back to get a good shot.
 Jim and I were supposed to meet some friends for dinner Saturday evening.  They had to cancel at the last minute, but since we had a babysitter, we decided to still go out on our own.  We tried a new (to us) barbecue restaurant near Jim's work.  It was very good!  It was nice to have a night out with just the two of us.  We hadn't had a date night in a while!
Here is what I did for Project Life this week.
A lot of my photos kind of came in groups of two this week, so I kept them paired up and moved my journaling up to the top with the title.
I am linking up with The Mom Creative again this week.
I hope you are having a great week.  It finally feels like spring here, and we are enjoying the nice weather!


ina i Sewa said...

My little son (to two years) also makes a big mess. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes annoying. Fortunately, the children grow up.

I like to watch your blog.
I hope you can understand what I write in the comments.
Please sign.

Greetings from Polish

Megan said...

Thank you for your comments and for reading my blog! The messes can be frustrating sometimes, and we are constantly amazed at the things she gets herself into! Kids are crazy - but fun!

Charlotte said...

Great photos of your children. It's a fun one of your daughter eating pizza - the look on her face makes me smile. I've been around your blog to see PL for some time now. I like what I see. :)