Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eastern Market

While my parents were here visiting, we spent a morning at the Eastern Market in Detroit.  Jim hadn't been there in years, and the rest of us had never been, so we were excited to experience the market!  We found it pretty easily and parked fairly close.  
As we walked toward the market, we heard some shouting and  drumming.  We happened to be there during a Monsanto March.  It didn't really disrupt anything, but we did see and hear it here and there throughout the morning. 
 We weren't really searching for anything in particular, except a catnip plant.  My parents' new cat loves catnip, and my dad had been having trouble finding a catnip plant for him.  We enjoyed wandering through the flowers.
 There were rows and rows of them!
 Drew wanted a balloon animal from the balloon lady.
 He ended up getting a blue "light saber."  We bought a few tomato plants for our raised bed and some avocados and mangoes from a produce stand.  We have discovered that Maddie is a big mango fan!  My dad found his catnip plant, so he was quite happy.  Our favorite find was some oatmeal sandwich cookies that some Mennonite women were selling.  They were SO good!
 We got sandwiches from a food truck for lunch.  The kids had grilled cheese, and the adults got gyros.
 The market went on and on, and in the couple of hours we were there, we saw only a little of it.
 Lots of people brought wagons and other wheeled carts to carry their purchases.
 As we headed back to our car, we saw a police man on horseback.
 Drew stopped to get a picture in an ear of corn.
We loved the Eastern Market and are looking forward to going back to explore it again soon!

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Rob said...

This was such a fun excursion! Wish we do it regularly.

Sadly Buddy isn't really any more excited about catnip than he was about catmint. :-(