Friday, June 7, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 19 and 20

I've gotten a little behind on Project Life in the past couple of weeks, so I am posting two weeks worth in an attempt to get caught up.  Week 19 was the week before Mother's Day.  The children and I happened to be wearing coordinating colors that Sunday morning for church, so we tried for a quick picture before church.  Maddie was not really in the mood for photos.
 We made s'mores on the grill one evening, and Drew and Maddie loved them!
 They were both covered in marshmallow!
 Jim's mom came over for dinner one evening that week for an early Mother's Day celebration.  Jim and Drew washed her car for her after dinner.
 Drew and Maddie love to play outside in the evening after dinner.  Drew really likes using sidewalk chalk, and our garage floor is covered in his drawings.
 We got out the stomp rockets, and Grandma Esther tried them out!
 Maddie likes her little pink car.
 Drew lost two teeth this week!  He lost the first one at school one morning.  He was eating a donut, and his tooth came out.  He said that he almost swallowed it!
 He lost another tooth on Saturday evening while we were eating pizza for dinner.  He didn't even notice that it had fallen out!  I happened to see that he had a big gap in his top teeth and asked if he had lost a tooth.  Jim checked, and, sure enough, he had lost it.  It was really lost because, this time, he did swallow it!
 He wrote this note to the tooth fairy:
(I lost a tooth.  I swallowed it.  Drew)
Here is what I did for Project Life for Week 19.
Week 20 started with Mother's Day.  Jim had to work that morning, but he and the children had some surprises waiting for me when I got up.  They had gone to Target and gotten me some new measuring cups and spoons and a card.  Drew had also made me a card and a flower pen at school.  I love his handwritten notes!
The kids and I stayed home from church that day because I had been having kidney pain all weekend.  It started on Friday evening and continued through the morning on Saturday.  I felt pretty good Saturday afternoon and evening, and I felt good on Sunday, but the kidney pain came back on Monday, along with some abdominal cramping.  I ended up going to the doctor Tuesday morning.  They suspected kidney stones, so they took some blood and urine samples.  They didn't find any sign of blood in my urine, but the doctor said that it was possible that I had already passed the kidney stone (if I had one).  She had me come back later in the week for an ultrasound of my kidneys, liver, gall bladder, and pelvis.  She said that if they didn't find anything, she would send me to my OBGYN to see if they saw anything that could have been causing the pain.  
The tech said that she could see no kidney stones, and she told me that if a stone is small and smooth enough, the pain isn't always too terrible.  She said that if I had had a kidney stone, I had already passed it, and she didn't see any other stones.  I have not had any more pain since that week, but I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN later this month just to be sure.
 My big Mother's Day gift arrived later in the week.  Jim got me a new knife set!  Our old set was a wedding gift, and after almost 10 years, we were ready for a fresh set.  I love the colors of these knives, and I am enjoying my sharp, new knives!
 Maddie sat for almost an hour one evening and played with Drew's Connect Four game.  She kept dropping the chips into the slots again and again.
 I was surprised to find Maddie with her shirt pulled over her head backwards one day!  She was very upset about it, and I am still not sure how and why she did it!
 She sleeps in some crazy positions in her crib,
 and one morning, she fell asleep on the floor, leaning against the side of the couch.  She had worn herself out!
 We went out for dinner at Mongolian Barbeque one evening.  Drew liked watching the guys cook our food.
 Drew lost two teeth again this week!  He lost the first one in the van on the way to swimming lessons.  He was drinking a juice pouch, and I guess he must have knocked it out with the straw.
 He lost the other tooth on a chocolate chip cookie.  He was eating it, and he mentioned that he had a chocolate chip that he couldn't chew.  Jim asked him if he had lost another tooth, and he had!  It was his fourth lost tooth in a two week period!  His little mouth looks so funny right now!
Here is what I did for Project Life for Week 20.
I am linking up again with The Mom Creative.
I am planning to post twice next week - another Project Life post and a post about something fun we did while my parents were here last week.  I hope you have a great weekend and that you check back here next week!

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