Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Family Baby Shower

Jim's sister and brother-in-law threw us a baby shower this past weekend. We had fun getting together with the family, and they were so generous with lots of gifts for the baby. We had a delicious dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, and rolls. After dinner, we played the diaper game. There were 13 diapers, and each had some kind of baby food or melted candy bar in it. We had to try to figure out what was in each diaper and write down our guesses. I was actually the winner with 8 correct guesses! Here is Jim trying to figure out one of the diapers.

Some of the family.

We got so many nice gifts! Here is a little pair of sunglasses. Drew didn't care too much about most of the gifts, but he thought those were very interesting.

One of the gifts we were very excited about was a rock and play sleeper. I've heard good things about how well babies sleep in them, and I am really hoping that our baby will sleep well in hers!

Here we are with Jim's sister, Sharon, and her husband, Larry. They are always so helpful and generous, and we truly appreciate them very much. They spoiled us at the shower!

Here are the gifts we received. We got several cute outfits for the baby and several packs of diapers.

We also got some new bottles (since they have to be BPA free now), some bibs and burp cloths, some cute baskets with pink gingham liners, a baby book, a diaper stacker, some wipes, pacifiers, headbands, a swaddling blanket, a Babies 'R Us gift card, and a diaper and wipe clutch for the diaper bag. The little monkey was a gift from our niece, Lilly, who just turned three. She had one just like it, and it was her favorite, so she got one for our baby.

We also got sunglasses and a little coat.

Another very nice gift we received was a pretty, girly travel system. Drew's infant car seat expires in December, and we had planned to use it for the new baby, but Drew's stroller was a hand-me-down, and we were planning to replace it. The stroller we had registered for was discontinued, so Jim's sister called from Babies 'R Us to see if we would mind if she bought us this travel system instead. Jim put everything together last night, and we love it!

We really hadn't expected a shower this time, and we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our family. We are feeling much more prepared for our little girl's arrival now, and we are looking forward to meeting her three weeks from today!


bakscrap said...

3 weeks? Can't believe it. I will be thinking about you. Can't wait to see the new little sweetie. Beth

norajoy said...

yay! i am glad that you got so much nice stuff for M!!! i am SOOOOOOO excited to meet her. you aren't allowed to have any guests till after we get there. ;)