Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some New Baby Pictures

I have gotten a few new 3D baby girl pictures in the past couple of weeks. They are kind of blurry, and she has a tendency to keep her hands up near her face, but here are the pictures.
The first two were taken about two weeks ago. You can see her little nose and lips here, and her little hand is covering her eyes. Here's another picture - mostly of the bottom half of her face.

This last picture is from last week. Jim came with me, and we didn't get a clear view of her face at all. In this picture, you can see her covering her face with her crossed arms (over to the right). She was really uncooperative! :)

The last two ultrasounds have been to check fluid levels (which have been good), and I will be having a growth ultrasound this week where they will do a full scan and give us an updated weight and size estimate. I am looking forward to finding out how big she is!

We are so thankful that things are continuing to progress well, and we are praying that baby and I will remain healthy. We are down to less than a month until we get to meet this little girl! We have a little baby shower this weekend with Jim's family, and we are trying to use these last weeks to prepare as well as we can for the changes that are ahead of us.

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