Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Visit With Family and a Real Hudson Hornet

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in South Carolina, and on our way home, we detoured through Nashville, TN to visit Jim's Uncle Paul, Aunt Ruby, cousin Sandy, and her husband David. We spent a couple of hours at their house.
Here is Drew with Uncle Paul and Aunt Ruby. Drew enjoyed playing with his cars and the dog while the adults talked. Here he is with David and the dog.

Jim with his aunt and uncle.

Drew with Sandy and the dog. He really liked that little dog!

Uncle Paul was a race car driver when he was young, and then he was a Hudson mechanic for many years. He has owned several old cars, and his current car is a Hudson Hornet. He took us down to his basement garage to see it.

Uncle Paul has had a few strokes, so if he has to go far at all now, he uses his scooter. He gave Drew a little ride around the garage.

His garage walls are covered with old pictures and memorabilia from his work with cars throughout the years. He has won several awards for his different cars, and he has been on the cover of a car magazine with one of them too. It would take hours to see all his stuff. He pointed out a few things to us while we were there.

Drew had a great time looking at all the things in the garage and talking to Uncle Paul. They share an interest in cars! Uncle Paul gave Drew a little Hudson Hornet from the Cars movie, and Drew thought that was great. :)

Because of his health, Uncle Paul cannot drive anymore, and it is hard on him to have that Hudson Hornet in his garage and not be able to drive it. We really enjoyed our visit, and we hope to back again on another trip south.

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becka said...

You may be among the few people in America who have seen a real Hudson Hornet!