Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanksgiving in South Carolina

We spent Thanksgiving in South Carolina this year. By Thanksgiving Break, I had been teaching for a few weeks, and I was pretty exhausted. We had already planned our trip to South Carolina before I was asked to sub, and since Jim had already gotten the time off from work, we decided to take the trip as planned. We were with my family for about five days, and it was so nice to see them and to relax.
We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my sister and brother-in-law's house. We went over early so the food could all be finished up there, and so the men could watch the Lions' game. Nora had gotten some Thanksgiving window clings for Drew to play with, and he had fun making a turkey on the front door. The men watching football (and Dad on his ipad).

Drew kept us entertained in the kitchen.

The food was delicious! Nora and Mom made everything, and it was so good!

Nora's pretty table.

Drew was excited to drink his lemonade from a straw.

Our hosts, the newlyweds.

Drew, as he often does, got too excited to eat, and we urged him to try a few bites of everything. Drew used to have an overactive gag reflex, but he had been doing great with that for quite a while. However, one of his bites of green bean casserole had a texture that he didn't like. He gagged on it and threw up at the table. It was quite an unpleasant ending to our meal! Drew ended up taking a nap on a spare bed in some of Nora's clothes, and he seemed to feel much better when he woke up. This was the aftermath of the gagging incident.

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew spent Thanksgiving at the beach with her family, but they were back our last night in town, and they came over for dinner that night. We set up my camera on a tripod after dinner and took a family picture. We haven't gotten a family picture in a long time since our nephew, Ryan, was being born during Nora and Topher's wedding. It was nice to get a picture of everyone.

We had a great time in South Carolina, and we were sad to leave. The next time we are there, the Hawkins family will be a family of four!

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rob said...

It seems like only a couple of weeks ago. Such an enjoyable time!