Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lions Game

Saturday evening, Jim, Drew, and I went back down to Detroit for the second time that week. This time, we were going to a Lions preseason game. Jim got us free tickets and food vouchers from a friend who works at Ford Field. Here are Jim and Drew walking toward the stadium. Drew loves big pretzels!
We had great seats down in the third row by the end zone. The Browns scored right in front of us shortly after we arrived.
Here they are kicking their field goal.
We sat in those seats for the first quarter and part of the second quarter, and then some more people came, and our row was just too full. Drew was getting cramped and antsy, so we decided to leave our nice seats and try to move away from the crowd.
We found an empty section and were able to relax a little bit more. Here the Lions are scoring.
We stayed for three quarters and then went home. The Lions ended up scoring twice after we left, and they won the game!
We have decided to wait until Drew is a little older to try a Lions game with him again.

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