Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Out With Thomas

Yesterday was the big day - Drew's Day Out With Thomas! We drove up to Huckleberry Railroad, near Flint, early yesterday morning. We got there about an hour before our ride was scheduled, and we got to see Thomas getting ready to take off with the passengers from the time slot before ours.
Drew was so excited!

Drew waved to Thomas.
There he goes!
While we waited for our ride, we wandered around the town a little bit. Drew got into an old stage coach.
He also got to meet Sir Topham Hatt. He walked right up to him with a huge smile on his face.
Drew got a little Thomas viewfinder that he called his "camera." Here he is taking a picture of Thomas as we waited to board.

The crowd waiting to board and an old water tower.
Climbing aboard.
The conductor came through and told us that we were lucky to be toward the back of the train because, from our seats, we would get to see Thomas pulling the train. He said that this is the only track in the country where there is a sharp enough curve for the passengers to be able to see Thomas pulling the train.
Drew had a huge smile on his face as the train started moving.
A view of the village from the train.
Here we are on the curve. I took these pictures of Thomas through my window.

Enjoying our ride.
Ready to get off the train.
There were lots of things to do in the village, but it was getting pretty crowded and much hotter as the morning went along, so we didn't stay for very long after our ride. One thing we did was get Drew a temporary tattoo. He chose a James tattoo.
He walked around looking at his arm for the rest of the time.It was a great morning, and we were all tired at the end of it!

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Betty Anne said...

Wow, you got some fabulous pictures of your families Thomas adventures. Looks like your son had a fantastic time.