Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cozy and Snug

When Drew is tired or just wants to be comfortable, he goes to his bed and grabs a Curious George (or two) and his soft, brown fleece blanket - which he calls his "Cozy and Snug." This little blanket used to be a much larger throw blanket, which was chewed to shreds around the edges by our former dog, Pudge. One night, Drew ended up with this blanket when his usual one was in the wash, and when I went to switch it back the next day, Drew got very upset and wanted me to put it back. I decided to cut off all the edges and re-hem it. He loves it!
Drew also calls sweat shirts and pants "Cozy and Snugs," and this week I realized where he got that name. I always read to Drew before his naps and before bed, and one day this week, we were reading "No Roses For Harry." The phrase, "cosy and snug," was used twice in that book, and I guess that's where he picked it up!


norajoy said...

so cute! i didn't know that drew adopted the pudge's last few straws blanket. and i still think we should all wear yellow snugs on christmas day. :)

Betty Anne said...

Just loved reading about Drew and his "cozy and Snug" blankie. Thanks for sharing the story.