Saturday, January 17, 2009

Drew's Favorite Friends

Curious George is Drew's favorite little friend. He likes to take him with us in the car and he always wants George to go to bed when he does.
We tell Drew that George is tired, and he needs Drew to go to bed with him. Drew usually walks right into his room cheerfully and goes to bed pretty easily. I came in to check on Drew before bed one night and found Drew and George sleeping under the covers just like this. I had to run and get my camera to take this picture.
Another recent favorite is Elmo. Jim's sister, Sharon, gave Drew this Elmo Live for Christmas, and he really enjoys playing with him. Drew is always finding Elmo (and George) all over the place - on TV, on different products in the store, . . .
Drew found this Elmo bubble bath at Target the other day, so now his baths even include Elmo. He loves to watch George and Elmo on PBS, and he can say each of their names. It has been fun to see Drew's vocabulary growing every day, and he is constantly surprising us by the things he repeats and the things he recognizes and names. He said his first sentence this past week - "Hi Daddy." when Jim called one afternoon from work.
Things are getting busy around our house as I prepare to go back to teaching on Monday. Jim, Drew, and I braved the cold and snow today to take my things over to the school and get things set up for Monday. I was able to get my desk and gradebook set up and do a little decorating of my own, in addition to what was already there. This week should be interesting as we settle into a new routine.

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becka said...

Very cute post, Meg. I'm still waiting for another new vocab word. :>)