Monday, January 5, 2009

Cider Mill and Sick Babies

Drew and I went to the cider mill this fall with Beth and Joseph and their playgroup from the hospital where Joseph was born. These are some pictures we took that day. I did this layout a month or so ago, but finished it this weekend with some stickers from Nora. Thanks, Nora!

Drew is still sick today. He has had a fever and an upset stomach all morning and is now napping in his bed. We are hoping he will be feeling better soon.
I would also like to request prayer for Jim's nephew, Larry, and his wife, Andrea. Andrea is pregnant and due in April. We don't have a lot of the details, but we found out yesterday that Andrea is at the hospital and having problems with her liver and blood platelet counts. The doctors were trying to strengthen the baby's lungs with steroids and were planning to try to deliver the baby today after another steroid treatment. It sounds a lot like what happened to me when Drew was born, only in their case, it is happening much earlier in the pregnancy. The doctors estimate the baby's weight to be around 2 pounds, and they are giving the baby about a 70% chance of survival. I will update when we hear any news.

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