Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lilly Ann

This is a layout I made a while ago using some pictures and mementos of Drew's time in the NICU. Memories of Drew's birth have been going through our minds a lot this week because the circumstances of Jim's new little great niece's birth today were very similar to what happened to Drew and me when he was born almost two years ago. We have been reminded again this week of the grace and protection God showed us both during that time, and we are so grateful for the healthy, happy boy that Drew is today.
Little Lilly Ann Huffman was born this morning by emergency c-section. She weighs 1 pound 9 ounces and is 12 inches long. Andrea, her mom, had preeclampsia, and at 26 weeks, her condition progressed to the point that an immediate delivery was deemed to be the best option for mom and baby. Andrea is doing well, but will have some recovery time ahead of her. Lilly seems healthy, but she will probably have a lengthy stay in the NICU. We are thankful that they are doing well, and we would ask that you continue to pray for their health.

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rob said...

Wow! So tiny! Makes Drew look like the Hulk when he was born. We will pray for them all.