Thursday, January 1, 2009

After Christmas

We are back from a week with my family in South Carolina. We had a wonderful time there and a very nice Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Jim's sister and her family here in Michigan (my camera wasn't working, so I couldn't get any pictures of that celebration), and then that afternoon, we left for Greenville, SC. After spending Christmas Eve night in Kentucky, we continued our trip and arrived at my parents' house on Christmas afternoon.
Drew enjoyed a Christmas peanut butter and jelly sandwich while we all ate turkey dinner.
Drew was excited to play with the gifts, even before they were opened.
Nora's puppy, Paisley, loved Drew, and he had fun playing with her.
My dad bought this shirt from the BJ campus store for Drew. It is a 3T, so it won't fit until next year, but we tried it on him anyway.
We got spoiled this Christmas from all of our family, both in South Carolina and in Michigan.
My Parents
My brother, Mark, and my sister-in-law, KatieDad, Jim, and I went to the banana box sale at Save-More on Saturday morning. We were a little late, so we missed the best of the selection, but we filled our box with all kinds of different grocery items, and it only cost $7 for the whole box! If we lived in Greenville, I think we would be regulars at the banana box sales.
Our part of the box
My parents' part of the box. I think we did pretty well for $7!
We got home last night, and today is all about football and trying to get things put away and get our house back to normal after Christmas and a week away from home. After our long drive yesterday, we were too tired to do anything last night to celebrate New Years Eve. We were actually all in bed before midnight!

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