Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 30 and 31

Week 30:
We started this week at church on Sunday, like we usually do.  I was in Maddie's class for Sunday School that morning.  Maddie loves to play basketball in her class, and she got a little creative that morning by shooting from the top of the slide.
 We picked Jim up from work a little early one afternoon, and drove over to Metro Beach on Lake Saint Clair.  The boys spent a few hours golfing at the Par 3 Course.  It was Drew's first time playing his own ball the entire time.
Drew did pretty well (he got a little overwhelmed with having to play his ball from wherever he hit it).  I love that Jim and Drew share a love of golf and that they enjoy being together.
Maddie and I spent a lot of time on the playground.  Maddie loves slides!
 She kept climbing up and sliding down.  It was a fun afternoon!
Maddie loves to "help," especially when it is something she wants.  When she wants a drink, she often goes and gets the jug of milk out of the fridge herself and carries it over to wherever we are in the house.  We have had a few messes.
Maddie likes to give/get a thumbs up when something good happens, and she often combines the thumbs up with a high five.  Here, she and Jim are doing a "thumbs up high five."
The faculty at Jim's school had a strategic planning weekend on Friday and Saturday.  Since Jim has become principal, he has really been trying to include the faculty in more of the planning and decision-making.  They had two great days of meetings and came away excited about the school year ahead.  I catered their lunch on Saturday, and the kids and I had a bit of an adventure as we had to drive through part of an auto show to pick up the subs.
 I also made fruit salad, potato salad, and chocolate chip cookie bars.
Here's what I did for Week 30:
I saved a few bits from the golf course map and our parking pass at the beach to use on my layout.  I love to use things like that and am trying to remember to grab things from places we go and save them.

Week 31:
Our church hosted a big choir and band camp this week.  Drew had been looking forward to going, but with our change in vacation plans, we ended up being gone for most of the camp week.  We were in town for the first day of camp, and the leaders said that Drew could come for the day.  He loved it!
 We left on Tuesday for a week with my family in South Carolina.  Drew and Maddie are very good travelers (we are thankful, because it is a long trip!).
While we were in South Carolina, Drew got to pick blueberries from my Dad's garden.  It was the very end of the season, but there were a few left for Drew to pick.
 We had several Wii bowling tournaments.
 We also did some shopping.  Maddie wanted to carry our thrift store purchases out to the van for me!
 We had a big kebab dinner with all the cousins.  My dad cooked the kebabs on the grill.
 We were able to get a picture of all the cousins.  SO cute!
 The dinner was delicious!
 Drew had been wanting to try kebabs, and we had put them on our summer list.  My parents helped us check making kebabs
 and homemade ice cream off our summer list.
Here's what I did for Week 31.
Jim and I spent a couple days of that week in Charleston.  I blogged about that trip here and here, so I didn't share the pictures again in this post.  For this week's Project Life, I made an insert about our Charleston trip.  Here is the front,
and here is the back.
Here are Weeks 30 and 31, along with the Charleston insert,
 and the Charleston insert flipped.
Here are Weeks 30 and 31, without the insert.
I hope to be back later this week with another post!

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