Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 28 and 29

Well, I fell behind on blogging again.  Maddie had a sprained knee a few weeks ago, and it was pretty all-consuming.  I didn't get to blog that week, and once I got out of the routine, things fell apart.  I am back today with another Project Life post from the summer.  I've already shared some of these photos from our Summer list, but there are some that are new.

Week 28:
Jim and Drew took advantage of the free slurpees at 7/11 on July 11th.
I took the kids to the Oakland University Chick-fil-a for Cow Appreciation Day.
After lunch, we went to Cook's Farm Dairy to see the cows and eat some ice cream.
 The kids enjoyed seeing the big cows
and the baby calves.

We all enjoyed the ice cream,

 and Maddie ended up with an ice cream mustache.
Both Drew and Maddie love "devices" - tablets, phones, Drew's DS - they love to play on them.
Jim and Drew went golfing one evening this week.
 Maddie moved up to a toddler bed!  She had been climbing out of her crib for a while, and we thought that a toddler bed might be safer (since it was lower) and that she might like it enough to stay in it.
 Maddie's cousin, Lilly, gave Maddie her old Tinkerbell toddler bed, and Maddie seemed excited about it the first night.
Unfortunately, she is still getting out and sleeping on the floor. 
Drew finished the Barnes and Noble summer reading program, so we went to the store to turn in his book list.  Maddie enjoyed playing with the trains.
Drew got to pick out a book to take home.  He was excited to find a Lego Ninjago book.
Here's what I did for Week 28.
 I wanted to include a few more pictures from our Cow Day, so I sewed on a 4x6 insert that flips out.

Week 29:
Jim's brother-in-law, Larry, passed away early this week.  We had spent most of the weekend at the hospital, being with the family and saying goodbye to Larry.  He passed away peacefully, early Monday morning.  Jim helped with some of the funeral arrangements.  The viewing was Wednesday afternoon and evening, and we were touched by the number of people from our church and school who stopped by the viewing or came to the funeral to support Jim.  We took Drew with us and asked a friend to watch Maddie.  Drew hung out with the cousins .
 They were good boys and had fun on Drew's DS.
The funeral was Wednesday morning.  One of the pastors from our church did the service.  After the service, we drove out to the cemetery for a little service there, and then we went to the funeral dinner. We all loved Larry very much.  It was hard to see him be so sick for the past year, and it was very sad to have to say goodbye.  We are thankful that we will see him in heaven again someday!
After a rough week, we decided to cheer ourselves up a bit with a fun dinner one evening.  We made pizza and s'mores on the grill.

Maddie just wanted a plain marshmallow.  I had gotten some huge ones from Aldi.
Drew ate a big, messy s'more.  Those huge marshmallows made the s'mores really gooey!
The kids and I spent an afternoon at the library.  They had fun playing and checking out some books and DVDs.

 We stopped at McDonald's afterward for ice cream cones.
Here's what I did for Week 29:
Here are Weeks 28 and 29 together:
I hope to be back again soon(er this time)!  I have lots to share from the past few weeks!

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