Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had lots of fun with several Halloween events this year!  I found a vintage cowgirl costume for Maddie at a South Carolina thrift store this summer, so her costume was all set, but we had to find something for Drew.  We stopped at a new thrift store near school one evening, and they had a huge rack of costumes.  Drew tried on a few.

 He finally settled on a Spiderman costume.  He decided that he really needed some red shoes to go with his costume, and he told me he wanted red Nikes.  I told him we would look, but I didn't really think we would be able to find any, and I didn't want to go spend a bunch of money on new red (!) Nikes.  I was in a different thrift store later that week, and I was surprised to find some red Nikes in Drew's size (and in pretty good condition) for under $5!  I was reminded that God cares for us and delights in providing both our needs as well as some of our wants.
 We got Drew a Spiderman mask to finish up his costume.
 Our first Halloween event was a Halloween party at a nearby retirement community.  A friend from church works there and invited us to come.  We had planned to go as a family, but the guys got stuck at school for a playoff soccer game that went into double overtime and shoot outs (we won!), and Maddie and I ended up going on our own.
 We missed the tick-or-treating, but we were still able to hear the music (I loved the musician!),
 have some donuts and cider,
 and get some balloons from the creepy balloon artist.  Maddie was his last customer of the night, and he gave her four different balloon creations.  She could hardly carry them all!
 The next afternoon was our Sunday School class costume party.  One of the couples from our class hosted the party.  They live by a lake, and they took pictures of each family in their back yard.  Our family included Spiderman, a cowgirl, Fern (from Charlotte's Web), and Brady Hoke (the Michigan football coach).
 There were lots of little boys at the party,
 and lots of superheros!
 The kids even got to break a pinata!  Maddie didn't get in on that, but she still got some candy!
 On Halloween night, we got together with some friends for dinner and trick-or-treating.  Maddie didn't want to get into the picture with the other kids.  It was a very cold and rainy night, but the big kids and a few of the dads still went out to trick-or-treat.  It was a fun night!
We had a lot of fun with Halloween this year!

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