Friday, April 18, 2014

Quick Easter Gift

When I was a teacher, it always meant so much to me when the families of my students would do something special for me on a holiday (or any time, just because).  It didn't have to be something big or expensive, but a little token of love and appreciation went a long way in showing me that they appreciated me and what I was doing for their child.  I determined that once our children were in school, we would be one of those families that were thoughtful and showed our gratitude to our children's teachers, and we have tried to do that since Drew started school.
I wanted to do something for Drew's teacher for Easter, and I saw on Facebook earlier this week that she loves Reese's peanut butter eggs (who doesn't?!), so I decided to get some for her.  I wanted to package them up in a cute way, and my original thought was to do something like these jars that I found on Pinterest.
I found some little plastic ducks in Drew's room, hot glued them onto a jar lid, and began spray painting them.  I think that I am probably the world's worst spray painter.  My spray paint projects rarely turn out well, and this project was no exception.  The paint just wouldn't stick well, and after several coats, I gave up and moved on.
I ended up cutting out a circle of patterned paper and sticking that on the top of the jar lid with Mod Podge.  I made a coordinating tag and had Drew write his teacher a little note on the back of it.  I tied the tag on with baker's twine.  I put some paper Easter grass in the bottom of the jar, and then I filled the rest of the jar to the top with Reese's eggs.
Drew's teacher loved it and said that it made her day!  I believe that small acts of kindness can really make a difference, and I hope that this idea might encourage you to do something for someone else to make that person's day a little better!

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